15 Packages by ashleybrener

  • atomicrecord Super lightweight node.js ActiveRecord ORM layer for FoundationDB
  • dynect Dynect API connector for node.js
  • fdboost Performance enhanced utilities for FoundationDB
  • formality Aliasing and metadata for server and client objects
  • formalize Node.js NoSQL ActiveRecord ORM layer for FoundationDB
  • highcharts Highcharts Server
  • lineman-manifest An application cache manifest plugin for Lineman
  • lineman-requirejs A requirejs plugin for Lineman
  • mongofdb client
  • pseudonym Map javascript object property names to aliases for optimal serialized document storage
  • quickdraw High performance http client and server output caching for node.js express
  • surreal Simple and extensible serialization module for server and client
  • timeously Timeous interval creation for precise predefined periods
  • wingman Parallelize functions across multiple processes
  • writeln Simple console logger

3 Packages starred by ashleybrener

  • dyn-js Dyn SDK for Node.JS
  • lru-cache A cache object that deletes the least-recently-used items.
  • sift mongodb query style array filtering