15 Packages by alexander

  • breadcrumbs Plugin for creating awesome breadcrumbs
  • cafe4-utils Utils for cafe4 build system
  • dna-event-channel dna-event-channel =================
  • dna-jquery Bootstrapper for dna based on jquery dom interaction
  • easy-opts Lightweight options parser for node.js applications
  • event-channel Event handling implementation.
  • fresh-monads monads implementation in javascript (inspired by haskell monads)
  • generator-rxreact yeoman generator for modules with usage of Rx.js and React.js
  • generator-rxreact-mo... Yeoman generator for javascript modules on top of Rx.js and React.js libraries
  • gimme-deps Package for resolving require dependencies from node modules
  • grunt-cafe Grunt plugin for cafe build system
  • grunt-react-render Grunt plugin for rendering reactjs components in existing markup
  • gulp-react-render gulp plugin for react components rendering in existing markup
  • recipejs recipe is the way to describe your client side module in some elegant and readable way
  • wrapper-commonjs wrapper tool for running commonjs modules in browser