9 Packages by aaronpowell

  • bespoke-hide Hide/Unhide slides from the presentation. Stores your settings in localStorage so it's persisted across reloads
  • bespoke-markdown Allows you to use Markdown for the content of your slides
  • boozey Boozey is a library for working with the Open Beer Database
  • db.js db.js is a wrapper for IndexedDB to make it easier to work against, making it look more like a queryable API.
  • git-indexeddb A indexedDB db for js-git.
  • linq-es6 An implementation of .NET's LINQ API in JavaScrpit using ES6 generators for lazy evaluation
  • mathy A simple formula evaluator and rules parser
  • postman The Postman will help deliver messages around your application
  • tbd tbd is a test data building library, allowing you to quickly spin up large amounts of fake data to be pumped into tests