11 Packages by 8bitdesigner

  • generator-cpui Custom code generator for Creator Platform Angular modules
  • imagey-filter A filter for turning URLs into IMG tags
  • octopie An easy way to add GitHub hooks to your project
  • server-here Starts a web server. Here. In this directory.
  • sync-hooks Function to install a batch of GitHub event hooks at once
  • tagger Automatically create git tags if the last commit was a GitHub merge
  • talker-client A client for the Talker chat service
  • talker-notifier Pop up growl notifications for messages in a given Talker Room
  • talker-xmpp ERROR: No README.md file found!
  • tp-api An API to access entities from TargetProcess
  • whisperer IRC-like client wrapper around `node-xmpp`