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    Zyte SmartProxy Playwright

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    Use Playwright with Smart Proxy Manager easily!

    A wrapper over Playwright to provide Zyte Smart Proxy Manager specific functionalities.


    1. Install Zyte SmartProxy Playwright
    npm install zyte-smartproxy-playwright
    1. Create a file sample.js with following content and replace <SPM_APIKEY> with your SPM Apikey
    const { chromium } = require('zyte-smartproxy-playwright'); // Or 'firefox' or 'webkit'
    (async () => {
        const browser = await chromium.launch({
            spm_apikey: '<SPM_APIKEY>',
            headless: false,
        console.log('Before new page');
        const page = await browser.newPage({ignoreHTTPSErrors: true});
        console.log('Opening page ...');
        try {
            await page.goto('', {timeout: 180000});
        } catch(err) {
        console.log('Taking a screenshot ...');
        await page.screenshot({path: 'screenshot.png'});
        await browser.close();

    Make sure that you're able to make https requests using Smart Proxy Manager by following this guide Fetching HTTPS pages with Zyte Smart Proxy Manager

    1. Run sample.js using Node
    node sample.js


    launch accepts all the arguments accepted by firefox.launch or launch methods of other browser types and some additional arguments defined below:

    Argument Default Value Description
    spm_apikey undefined Zyte Smart Proxy Manager API key that can be found on your account.
    spm_host Zyte Smart Proxy Manager proxy host.
    static_bypass true When true Zyte SmartProxy Playwright will skip proxy use for static assets defined by static_bypass_regex or pass false to use proxy.
    static_bypass_regex /.*?\.(?:txt|json|css|less|gif|ico|jpe?g|svg|png|webp|mkv|mp4|mpe?g|webm|eot|ttf|woff2?)$/ Regex to use filtering URLs for static_bypass.
    block_ads true When true Zyte SmartProxy Playwright will block ads defined by block_list using @cliqz/adblocker-playwright package.
    block_list ['', ''] Block list to be used by Zyte SmartProxy Playwright in order to initiate blocker enginer using @cliqz/adblocker-playwright and block ads
    headers {'X-Crawlera-No-Bancheck': '1', 'X-Crawlera-Profile': 'pass', 'X-Crawlera-Cookies': 'disable'} List of headers to be appended to requests


    Some websites may not work with block_ads and static_bypass enabled (default). Try to disable them if you encounter any issues.


    npm i zyte-smartproxy-playwright

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