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Zoho Office Integrator NodeJS SDK

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Getting Started

Zoho Office Integrator NodeJS SDK used to help you quickly integrator Zoho Office Integrator editors in side your web application.

Registering a Zoho Office Integrator APIKey

Since Zoho Office Integrator APIs are authenticated with apikey, you should register your with Zoho to get an apikey. To register your app:

  • Visit this page https://officeintegrator.zoho.com/. ( Sign-up for a Zoho Account if you don't have one)

  • Enter your company name and short discription about how you are going to using zoho office integrator in your application. Choose the type of your application(commerial or non-commercial) and generate the apikey.

  • After filling above details, create an account in Zoho Office Integrator service and copy the apikey from the dashboard.

Environmental Setup

NodeJS SDK is installable through npm. npm is a tool for dependency management in NodeJS. SDK expects the following from the client app.

  • Client app must have Node(version 12 and above)

  • NodeJS SDK must be installed into client app through npm.

Including the SDK in your project

You can include the SDK to your project using:

  • Install Node from nodejs.org (if not installed).

  • Install NodeJS SDK

    • Navigate to the workspace of your client app.
    • Run the command below:
    npm install zoi-nodejs-sdk
  • The NodeJS SDK will be installed and a package named /zoi-nodejs-sdk-1.. will be created in the local machine.

  • Another method to install the SDK

    • Add dependencies to the package.json of the node server with the latest version (recommended)
    • Run npm install in the directory which installs all the dependencies mentioned in package.json.


Before you get started with creating your NodeJS application, you need to register with Zoho Office Integrator to get an apikey for authentication.

Mandatory Keys Optional Keys
user logger

  • Create an instance of UserSignature Class that identifies the current user(User who create the apikey).

    const UserSignature = require( "zoi-nodejs-sdk-1.0.0/routes/user_signature").UserSignature;
    //Create an UserSignature instance that takes user Email as parameter
    let user = new UserSignature("praburaji93@gmail.com");
  • Configure API environment which decides the domain and the URL to make API calls.

    const Environment = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/routes/dc/environment").Environment;
     * Configure the environment
     * Pass the below domain values based in which data center you signup for apikey. 
     * USDataCenter - https://api.office-integrator.com
     * EUDataCenter - https://api.office-integrator.eu
     * INDataCenter - https://api.office-integrator.in
     * CNDataCenter - https://api.office-integrator.com.cn
     * AUDataCenter - https://api.office-integrator.com.au
     * JPDataCenter - https://api.office-integrator.jp
    let environment = new Environment("https://api.office-integrator.com", null, null);
  • Create an instance of APIKey with the information that you get after registering your Zoho client.

    const APIKey = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/models/authenticator/apikey").APIKey;
    const Constants = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/utils/util/constants").Constants;
     * You can configure where the apikey needs to added in the requerst object.
     * User can either pass the apikey in the parameter(Constants.PARAMS) or (Constants.HEADERS)
    let apikey = new APIKey("<your registered apikey>", Constants.PARAMS);
    //E.g: let apikey = new APIKey("2ae438cf864488657cc9754a27daa480", Constants.PARAMS);
  • Create an instance of Logger Class to log exception and API information. By default, the SDK constructs a Logger instance with level - INFO and file_path - (sdk_logs.log parallel to node_modules)

    const Levels = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/routes/logger/logger").Levels;
    const LogBuilder = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/routes/logger/log_builder").LogBuilder;
    * Create an instance of Logger Class that requires the following
    * level -> Level of the log messages to be logged. Can be configured by typing Levels "." and choose any level from the list displayed.
    * filePath -> Absolute file path, where messages need to be logged.
    let logger = new LogBuilder()

Initializing the Application

Initialize the SDK using the following code.

const Constants = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/utils/util/constants").Constants;
const UserSignature = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/routes/user_signature").UserSignature;
const Levels = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/routes/logger/logger").Levels;
const LogBuilder = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/routes/logger/log_builder").LogBuilder;
const Environment = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/routes/dc/environment").Environment;
const InitializeBuilder = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/routes/initialize_builder").InitializeBuilder;
const APIKey = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/models/authenticator/apikey").APIKey;

class Initializer {
    static async initialize() {
        let user = new UserSignature("praburaji93@gmail.com");
        let environment = new Environment("https://api.office-integrator.com", null, null);
        let apikey = new APIKey("2ae438cf864488657cc9754a27daa480", Constants.PARAMS);
        let logger = new LogBuilder()
        let initialize = await new InitializeBuilder();

        await initialize.user(user).environment(environment).token(apikey).logger(logger).initialize();

        console.log("SDK initialized successfully.");

  • You can now access the functionalities of the SDK. Refer to the sample codes to make various API calls through the SDK.

Responses and Exceptions

All SDK method calls return an instance of APIResponse.

After a successful API request, the getObject() method returns an instance of the ResponseWrapper (for GET) or the ActionWrapper (for POST, PUT, DELETE).

Whenever the API returns an error response, the getObject() returns an instance of APIException class.

ResponseWrapper (for GET requests) and ActionWrapper (for POST, PUT, DELETE requests) are the expected objects for Zoho Office Integrator APIs’ responses

GET Requests

  • The getObject() returns instance of one of the following classes, based on the return type.
    • For application/json responses
      • SessionInfo
      • InvaildConfigurationException


  • The getObject() returns instance of one of the following classes
    • CreateDocumentResponse
    • CreateSheetResponse
    • InvaildConfigurationException

All other exceptions such as SDK anomalies and other unexpected behaviours are thrown under the SDKException class.

SDK Sample code

Make sure you have intialized the sdk before running below sample code snippet.

const V1Operations = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/core/com/zoho/crm/api/officeintegrator/v1/v1_operations").V1Operations;
const CreateDocumentParameters = require("zoi-nodejs-sdk/core/com/zoho/crm/api/officeintegrator/v1/create_document_parameters").CreateDocumentParameters;

class ZohoWriter {

    static async createDocument() {
        try {
            var sdk_operations = new V1Operations();
            var create_document_parameters = new CreateDocumentParameters();

            var writer_response = await sdk_operations.createDocument(create_document_parameters);

        } catch (error) {


Refer this repository for example codes to all Office Integrator API endpoints.

Release Notes

Version 1.1.1

  • ShowCallbackSettings class removed and CallbackSettings class used instead of above mentioned class.
  • save_url_headers option added in callback_setting configuration.

Version 1.1.0

  • Get all writer document session information api support added
  • Spreadsheet and Presentation conversion api endpoint support added
  • Language parameter support added for create document api endpoint document defaults parameter.
  • Package renamed to */core/com/zoho/officeintegrator/v1/* from */core/com/zoho/crm/api/officeintegrator/officeintegratorsdk/*. If your application has zoi-nodejs-sdk version below 1.1.0, please check your application code and update with above package name as mentioned above.
  • API ResponseWrapper changed to service specific response wrappers.
    • ZohoWriter api's(/writer/*) will return WriterResponseWrapper instead of ResponseWrapper object.
    • ZohoSheet api's(/sheet/*) will return SheetResponseWrapper instead of ResponseWrapper object.
    • ZohoShow api's(/show/*) will return SheetResponseWrapper instead of ResponseWrapper object.


This SDK is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, see LICENSE.txt for more information.



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