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    🗓 you-elle

    License: MIT Dependencies npm vulnerabilities last commit
    A nodejs cli for University of Limerick course timetables

    💻 Installation

    This package can be installed from the NPM registry or installed after cloning or downloading the repo.

    To install from the npm registry run npm i -g you-elle
    To install after cloning the repo run npm i -g .

    you-elle can also be used without installing via npx

    ⌨️ Usage

    To use the program run the command you-elle
    You can then select your year and course from the menus

    Alternatively you can specify year and course as command line arguments in the form you-elle year course
    Eg: you-elle 1 LM121
    The course must be the UL prefix
    The year must be between 1 and 5

    To use the program without installing run npx you-elle

    🔨 Built With

    • Node.js - The runtime

    • inquirer.js - For the interactive commands

    • cli-table3 - To form a table

    • form-data - To send a request to the UL timetable web app

    • jsdom - To traverse the dom sent as a response by the web app

    • cfonts - The fancy you-elle front

    • chalk - To color some of the text

    👷 Dev Dependencies

    • eslint - The Google javascript coding style is used for this project

    • jest - Is used for the unit tests

    🗣 Acknowledgments


    npm i you-elle

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