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    Yet Another S3 streaming solution built on top of the aws-sdk library. The number of available solutions for this problem is shockingly high. Also, the number of solutions which properly provide a streaming solution (for uploads) is shockingly low.

    System requirements

    • node.js 6+

    aws-sdk must be installed before using this library. An S3 client instance must be passed to the Uploader constructor.


    By properly, I mean:

    • uses the upload method of the S3 object part of aws-sdk rather than the MultiPart API directly which means the object size doesn't have to be bigger than 5MB
    • no extra fluff - it behaves like an actual Writable stream rather than making assumptions about the use case
    • doesn't buffer more data than necessary which is up to the size of a MultiPart chunk multiplied by the number of workers i.e partSize * queueSize of S3.ManagedUpload

    This is implemented as a very thin wrapper over S3.upload as PassThrough stream. The output of the stream is passed as the Body param of the S3.upload method. For all intents and purposes it should be used as a Writable stream. This module does not provide a Readable stream as aws-sdk already implements one via S3.getObject.createReadStream.

    Before you even think about playing the NIH card, think about that fact that I've read the source code of about a dozen libraries solving this problem. Out of those I got my hands on, only one uses S3.upload. Its input is a file path rather than being an actual Writable stream.

    var fs = require('fs');
    var Uploader = require('yas3-stream');
    var AWS = require('aws-sdk');
    var rs = fs.createReadStream('path/to/file.txt');
    var up = new Uploader(new AWS.S3(), {
      Bucket: 'bucket_name',
      Key: 'path/to/file.txt'

    The Uploader constructor accepts three arguments:

    • AWS.S3 instance
    • params 1st argument of S3.upload - params object of which the Body key is always set as the output of the Uploader stream
    • options 2nd argument of S3.upload - defaults to {} and it is actually the options argument of S3.ManagedUpload


    • error - emitted when S3.upload is passing an error argument to the completion callback
    • progress - emitted when the underlying S3.ManagedUpload emits the httpUploadProgress event
    • close - emitted when the completion callback of S3.upload is called and no error is being passed to this callback


    The List stream is a convenient way for getting the object list and their sizes. Implemented as Readable stream. Supports pausing. Implemented on top of S3.listObjectsV2.

    var list = new List(new AWS.S3(), {
      Bucket: 'bucket_name'
    list.on('data', function(object) {
      { Key: 'file_name',
      LastModified: 2017-09-25T13:17:37.000Z,
      ETag: '"5279a0b29abe3c5c773882c48eacab79"',
      Size: 32,
      StorageClass: 'STANDARD' }

    The List constructor accepts two arguments:

    • AWS.S3 instance
    • params 1st argument of S3.listObjectsV2 - params object which requires at least the Bucket key
    • options - options list which affects the behaviour of List:
    • retries - the maximum number of retries for S3.listObjectsV2 before bailing out; Default: 10


    • error - emitted when S3.listObjectsV2 encounters too many retries; the completion callback error argument is passed to the error event
    • data - emitted for every S3 object found in the bucket; basically it is an element of the data.Contents array passed to the completion callback of S3.listObjectsV2; it is encoded as JSON string which is passed as Buffer to the callback executed by the data event

    The List stream supports pausing. If the stream is paused, then no new S3.listObjectsV2 requests are being sent, however, an in flight request may still be processing. While no new data events are being emitted while the stream is paused, the object list from the in flight request is going to be buffered by the stream.


    npm i yas3-stream

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