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Community API for Yahoo-Finance.

Copyright (c) 2021 by Gadi Cohen and Pilwon Huh. MIT licensed.

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Supports Node 16.10.0 and up (tests are run against 16.10.0), e.g. all active LTS versions.

Stable release - supersedes the ubiquitous node-yahoo-finance v1. NB: The API has changed, see UPGRADING for more information.

Live Demo on CodeSandbox

Unofficial API

Update 2024-04-15: Yahoo has disabled API-access to quotes data. Please see the discussion and our stance at

This project is neither created nor endorsed by Yahoo Inc. Yahoo does not provide any official API to developers, nor makes any guarantees regarding service availability or API consistency. In practice however, the open source community has kept this project (and it's predecessor) working well since 2013.

Nevertheless, we make no guarantees and you use this package at your own risk. The developers (and obviously Yahoo) cannot be held responsible for any losses you may incur as a result of using this service. Use of this package is considered acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms and of its license.


CLI (Command line interface)

$ npx yahoo-finance2 --help
$ npx yahoo-finance2 search AAPL
$ npx yahoo-finance2 quoteSummary AAPL
$ npx yahoo-finance2 quoteSummary AAPL '{"modules":["assetProfile", "secFilings"]}'

# or install it
$ npm install -g yahoo-finance2
$ yahoo-finance search AAPL '{ "someOption": true }'


// import syntax (recommended)
import yahooFinance from 'yahoo-finance2';

// require syntax (if your code base does not support imports)
const yahooFinance = require('yahoo-finance2').default; // NOTE the .default

const results = await'AAPL');
const results = await'AAPL', { someOption: true, etc });

Available modules: autoc, chart, historical, quote, quoteSummary (submodules: assetProfile, balanceSheetHistory, balanceSheetHistoryQuarterly, calendarEvents, cashflowStatementHistory, cashflowStatementHistoryQuarterly, defaultKeyStatistics, earnings, earningsHistory, earningsTrend, financialData, fundOwnership, fundPerformance, fundProfile, incomeStatementHistory, incomeStatementHistoryQuarterly, indexTrend, industryTrend, insiderHolders insiderTransactions, institutionOwnership, majorDirectHolders, majorHoldersBreakdown, netSharePurchaseActivity, price, quoteType, recommendationTrend, secFilings, sectorTrend, summaryDetail, summaryProfile, symbol, topHoldings, upgradeDowngradeHistory), search, recommendationsBySymbol, trendingSymbols, options, insights, dailyGainers, with more coming soon.

Extras: quoteCombine. Utils: setGlobalConfig.

See the Full Documentation.

Particularly, make sure to read the notes there on ERROR HANDLING. Be aware that if a stock gets delisted, Yahoo removes all related data, including historical (and chart) data from periods before the delisting occurred (i.e. queries that worked before will start failing, and there is no way to retrieve this data again).

Even Quicker Start - Stock Price

const quote = await yahooFinance.quote('AAPL');
const { regularMarketPrice as price, currency } = quote;

NB: CommonJS / ES modules

This package is shipped as both an ES Module and a CommonJS module. Node will automatically load the ES module if:

  • Your package.json contains a { type: module } entry
  • You're running at least Node 12 (maybe with --experimental-module flag).
  • You import the module (require function does not exist in ES modules)

otherwise the traditional CommonJS module will be loaded. No flags are necessary for Node 12.7.0+ and Node 13.2.0+, but for older versions, you need to add the --experimental-module flag).

ES Modules are "relatively" new. They got a big boost in April 2021 when Node 10, which did not support them, reached end-of-life. However, support varies by build tool and configuration, and there are some edge cases which can be tricky. Please open an issue if you run into any trouble.

require (CommonJS)

If you use load the library with require, make sure to add .default:

const yahooFinance = require('yahoo-finance2').default; // NOTE the .default

(Optional) TypeScript Love

Working with yahoo-finance2 is a joy if you're using TypeScript (but you don't have to), with type checking and auto completion:

Types Animation

Try it yourself on our Live CodeSandbox.

Using in the Browser (TL;DR; possible but unsupported)

This project is primarily developed to be used server-side in node. Nevertheless, due to the large number on requests on this issue, we have taken care to ensure the package can be imported in the browser too.

HOWEVER: you'll run into other challenges there that we can't help you with, particularly CORS issues when trying to query Yahoo's servers in the browser from non-Yahoo origins. Since Yahoo is specifically blocking such requests, we will not help you bypass them. (One way around this is to run your own server to proxy your requests, but we won't help you with this).


Pull Requests welcome! Read and join our list of heroes:


Special mention goes out to pudgereyem and PythonCreator27 who made significant contributions in the very early days of this project.


  • Massive thanks to @pilwon for the original node-yahoo-finance and for all our prior collaborations on this and other projects 🙏

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