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Wix Style React

wix-style-react is a collection of React components that conform to Wix Style created by Wix UX guild.

Demo | Source


  • Install with npm or yarn:
npm i wix-style-react
# OR 
yarn wix-style-react
  • Use in your project:

Note: ensure body has either ltr or rtl class (depending, of course, on the displayed language).

import React from 'react';
import Button from 'wix-style-react/Button';
const MyComponent = () =>
  <Button onClick={() => console.log('thanks for clicking :)')}>
    Click me!

Note: wix-style-react works best when Haste is used as build tool. If you do not use it, read here for webpack setup instructions.

demo page includes all available components with their usage examples.


Please refer the Testing page


Please refer the Contribution page


This project is offered under MIT License.