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Weex CLI toolkit

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Pre Install

some dependencies need recent version of npm to install

if your

$ node -v

output less then 6.0.0, please upgrade your node at first you can use n to install newer node or download in recommend the LTS version of node


$ npm install -g weex-toolkit


Usage: weex <foo/bar/we_file_or_dir_path>  [options]
Usage: weex init [projectName]

  --port    http listening port number ,default is 8081           [默认值: 8081]
  --wsport  websocket listening port number ,default is 8082      [默认值: 8082]

Usage:weex <command>

where <command> is one of:

       init                                   create a vue project
       debug                                  start weex debugger
       compile                                compile we/vue file
       create                                 create a weexpack project 
       platform <add|remove> <ios|android>    add/remove ios/android platform
       plugin <add|remove> <pluginName>       add/remove weexplugin 
       run <ios|android>                      build your ios/android app and run

weex <command> --help      help on <command>                                               


create a new vue project

$ weex init your_project_name

Your new project directory list below:

 |—— .gitignore
    |—— .eslintrc
    |—— .babelrc
    |-- app.js
    |—— assets
    |—— /src
    |     |—— foo.vue
    |—— /build
    |—— weex.html
    |—— index.html

Switch to the project directory and run:

npm install

Some npm commands you can use:

# build both two js bundles for Weex and Web
npm run build
# start a Web server at 8080 port
npm run serve
# start weex-devtool for debugging with native
npm run debug

preview a vue file using Weex HTML5 renderer

$ weex your_best_weex.vue

preview a we file using Weex HTML5 renderer

$ weex your_best_weex.we

And you can use playgroud app to scan the qrcode one the page to preview it on your mobile device

compile a .we .vue file to JS Bundle

$weex compile your_best_weex.we  .

your_best_weex.we will be transform to JS Bundle file your_best_weex.js , saved in your current directory

compile many .we .vue files to JS Bundle

$weex compile path/to/\*.vue,\*.js .

all .vue .we files of directory path/to will be compiled into directory .

weex debug command


weex debug [options] [we_file|bundles_dir]

    --help               output usage information
    -V, --verbose        display logs of debugger server
    -v, --version        display version
    -p, --port [port]    set debugger server port
    -e, --entry [entry]  set the entry bundlejs path when you specific the bundle server root path
    -m, --mode [mode]    set build mode [transformer|loader]

start debugger

$weex debug

this command will start debug server and launch a chrome opening DeviceList page. this page will display a qrcode ,you can use Playground App scan it for starting debug.

start debugger with a we file

$weex debug your_weex.we

this command will compile your_weex.we to your_weex.js and start the debug server as upon command. your_weex.js will deploy on the server and displayed in DeviceList page as another qrcode contain the url of your_weex.js

start debugger with a directory of we files

$ weex debug your/we/path  -e index.we

this command will build every file in your/we/path and deploy them on the bundle server. your directory will mapping to http://localhost:port/weex/ use -e to set the entry of these bundles. and the url of "index.we" will display on device list page as another qrcode

pack command

details for weexpack

Integrate weexpack commands

Weexpack helps to setup weex application from scratch quickly. With simple commands, developers could create a Weex project, add different platform template, could install plugins from local, GitHub or Weex market, could pack up his application project and run on mobile. For those who would like to share his own plugins, he could publish them to the Weex market.

Now weex-toolkit can run the same commands of weexpack because of the new architecture. If your directory is generated by weexpack, you can build your iOS or android app.

weex platform and run commands

Use platform add|remove to add or remove Weex app template and run it in your target devices.

$ weex platform add iOS 

If you use these commands firstly, you might see the prompt. Just enter Y.

install weexpack

Then run platform, you will see an iPhone simulator

$ weex run ios

weex plugin commands

If you want to use some plugins on the weex market, weex-toolkit is the right choice.

$ weex plugin add plugin_name

You need to specify the plugin name from market like "weex-chart":

$ weex plugin add weex-chart

Remove some plugins(eg:weex-chart):

$ weex plugin remove weex-chart

Learn more about weexpack

trouble shooting


please make sure your node version is above 6.0


first of all ,please do not install with "sudo" if permisiion denied error occurs,please try sudo chmod 777 /usr/local/lib/node_modules


Error:permission denied.Please apply the write premission to the directory: "/Users/yourUserName"

if such a error occurs, we suggest you run sudo chmod 777 ~ or mkdir ~/.xtoolkit&chmod 777 .xtoolkit

Issue & Feedback

Github Issue List


  • a brand new toolkit release
  • base on xtoolkit which can manager child command
  • auto setup child command if need
  • auto check the version of child command package and upgrade
  • contains weexpack now
  • a new weex compiler
  • support vue2.0
  • new preview page