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Weex Toolkit

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weex-toolkit is the official command line tool for helping developers create, debug and build their Weex project.


$ npm install -g weex-toolkit

You can use the weex -v command to confirm that the installation was successful.

If you have never installed node.js, you should go to to download and install it.

NOTE: The node version must be 6.0 or higher, you can try n to manage your node versions, and we recommend that you use npm4 before fixing the konw issues on npm5. If an error occurs while installing, please go weex-toolkit issues or weex-toolkit faq to find solutions or have a discussion with us.



$ weex create awesome-project

Creates a new weex project. Executing this command will create an awesome-project directory with a pre-populated Weex template.

Useful npm scripts are provided with your project to help you in the future:

  • build: Builds the source code and generate the JS bundle
  • dev: Runs webpack watch configuration
  • serve: Starts a hot-reload web server

Before you can start your project, first run the npm i command in your project's directory to install the project's dependencies. After the dependencies are installed, you can now run the npm start command. The development page will automatically open within your browser after the application has fully started.


weex-toolkit supports previewing your Weex file(.vue) in a watch mode. You only need to specify your file path.

$ weex preview src/foo.vue

The browser will automatically open the preview page where you can see the layout and effects of your weex page. If you have a Playground app on your mobile device(s), you can scan the QR code from the opened page.

To preview the whole directory files, you can use the following command:

$ weex preview src --entry src/foo.vue

You will need to specify the folder path and the entry file (passed in via --entry).


Use weex compile to compile a single weex file or a collection of weex files from a source folder.

$ weex compile [source] [dist]  [options]


Option Description
-w, --watch Watch for file changes. Automatticly builds and refreshes the debugger page! [default true]
-d,--devtool [devtool] Set webpack devtool mode.
-e,--ext [ext] Set enabled extname for compiler. [default vue]
-m, --min Set jsbundle uglify or not. [default false]

Usage Example:

$ weex compile src dest --devtool source-map -m


Use weex platform [add|remove] [ios|android] to add or remove ios and android project templates.

$ weex platform add ios
$ weex platform remove ios

Use weex platform list to show the available supported platforms for your application.


You can use weex-toolkit to run the project on the android, ios and web platforms.

$ weex run ios
$ weex run android
$ weex run web


You can use weex-toolkit to build the project for the android, ios and web platforms.

$ weex build ios
$ weex build android
$ weex build web


Plugin documentation is still in progress.


** Weex devtools ** is a custom developer toolkit designed to help you quickly inspect your app and debug the JS bundle source file right from a Chrome web page. This is made possible with the implementation of the Chrome Debugging Protocol. Both Android and iOS platforms are supported. You can start using the weex-devtools feature right from the weex-toolkit.



Please make sure that the node version is above 6.0 and npm version is above 5.0.

If you want to change the origin of the npm registry, do not use cnpm. We recommend using the nrm or npm config set registry command.

#Current working directory is not a weexpack project

As of version 1.0.9, the weex init command has been removed. To create a weex project, use theweex create command.

#Permission denied

First of all, please do not install with "sudo" If a permission denied error occurs, please try sudo chmod 777 /usr/local/lib/node_modules

If the following error occurs:

Error: permission denied. Please apply the write permission to the directory: "/Users/yourUserName"

We suggest you run the command sudo chmod 777 ~ or mkdir ~/.xtoolkit && chmod 777 ~/.xtoolkit.

#Fsevents wanted error

Windows users may have fsevents installation problems, for example:

fsevents@1.1.2: wanted {"os":"darwin","arch":"any"} (current: {"os":"win32","arch":"ia32"})

To avoid this error, install weex-toolkit without the optional dependencies with the following command:

npm install --no-optional weex-toolkit -g

#Vue mismatch error


weex xbind repair toolkit-repair
weex repair

#Upgrade Error

If you encounter an error during the upgrade process, please check that the version of your npm is above 5.0.

Then reload it with the following commands:

rm -rf ~/.xtoolkit
npm un weex-toolkit -g
npm i weex-toolkit -g

Android SDK Environment

If you want to run an Android project, you can use the Android Emulator from Android Studio or a real device.

If you install Android SDK from Android Studio, please ensure to install the Android 6.0 API.

spawn E2BIG

This problem may occur when using the following commands weex create|init|run|platform. Please update your weexpack to the latest version to resolve this issue.

$ weex update weexpack

If there are errors while updating the weexpack, please remove ~/.xtoolkit and try to update again.

$ rm -rf ~/.xtoolkit
$ weex update weexpack

Encountered "Cannot read property 'xxx'" error while using weex modules

Description: This is a typical Hoisting issue. Please take a look at the MDN Hoisting documentation for the steps to resolve this issue:

  1. If you want to fix an existing project:

In the file webpack.common.config.js, located in the configs directory, change:

contents += `\nimport App from '${relativeVuePath}';\n`;


contents += `\nconst App = require('${relativeVuePath}');\n`;
  1. If you want to create a normal weex project:

Upgrade your weexpack to the latest version by using the command weex update weexpack@latest, then re-create the project again. The latest version should above v1.0.13.

see: weex-toolkit/issues/268


If you have any unsolvable problems, try and check your system environment, your installed package version (weex -v), and upgrading to the latest package (weex update weex-devtool@latest) to see if the problems are resolved.

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