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Weex CLI Toolkit


Weex CLI tool set

Pre Install

some dependencies need recent version of npm to install

if your

$ npm --version

output less then 2.15.1, please run below cmd to upgrade your npm at first

$ npm install -g npm

Install node-gyp

if your

$ node-gyp --version

output less then 3.4.0 or no node-gpy installed in your system , please run below cmd to install or upgrade node-gyp

$ npm install -g node-gyp


$ npm install -g weex-toolkit


weex foo/bar/we_file_or_dir_path  [options]
weex init
weex debug
  --qr       display QR code for PlaygroundApp
  --smallqr  display small-scale version of QR code for PlaygroundApp,try it if you use default font in CLI         
  -o,--output  transform weex we file to JS Bundle, output path (single JS bundle file or dir)
           [for create sub cmd] it specified we file output path                    
  --watch  using with -o , watch input path , auto run transform if change
  -s,--server  start a http file server, weex .we file will be transforme to JS bundle on the server , specify local root path using the option
  -h, --host  specify server listening  IP 
  --port   http listening port number ,default is 8081            
  --wsport websocket listening port number ,default is 8082
  -f, --force   [for create sub cmd] force to replace exsisting file(s)
  --np     do not open preview browser automatic        
  --version show version of weex toolkit 
  --help   Show help                                                   


preview a we file using Weex HTML5 renderer

$weex your_best_weex.we

transform a we file to JS Bundle

$weex your_best_weex.we -o .

your_best_weex.we will be transform to JS Bundle file your_best_weex.js , saved in your current directory

transform a we file to JS Bundle , watch this file ,auto run transformer if change happen.

$weex your_best_weex.we -o . --watch

transform every we file in a directory

$weex we/file/storage/path -o outputpath

every we file in we/file/storage/path we be transform to JS Bundle, saved in outputpath path

preview your we file using Weex Playground App

download & install weex playground App

$weex your_best_weex.we --qr

a QR code will display in your terminal , using Playground App scan that.

start http server

$weex -s .

a http server will start running , your current directory(.) will be the document root for the server , every weex .we file will be transforme to JS Bundle when access through the server

Troubleshoot Installation Problems

invalid name '@f/defaults'

Action: upgrade node version


weex debug command


weex debug [options] [we_file|bundles_dir]
    -h, --help           output usage information
    -V, --verbose        display logs of debugger server
    -v, --version        display version
    -p, --port [port]    set debugger server port
    -e, --entry [entry]  set the entry bundlejs path when you specific the bundle server root path
    -m, --mode [mode]    set build mode [transformer|loader]

start debugger

$weex debug

this command will start debug server and launch a chrome opening DeviceList page. this page will display a qrcode ,you can use Playground App scan it for starting debug.

start debugger with a we file

$weex debug your_weex.we

this command will compile your_weex.we to your_weex.js and start the debug server as upon command. your_weex.js will deploy on the server and displayed in DeviceList page as another qrcode contain the url of your_weex.js

start debugger with a directory of we files

$weex debug your/we/path  -e index.we

this command will build every file in your/we/path and deploy them on the bundle server. your directory will mapping to http://localhost:port/weex/ use -e to set the entry of these bundles. and the url of "index.we" will display on device list page as another qrcode

Issue & Feedback

Github Issue List


  • 161028(0.5.10): update project template which generate by weex init
  • 161024(0.5.9): upgrade upstream dependencies
  • 160927(0.5.8): fix Unknown plugin "transform-runtime" problem
  • 160927(0.5.7): display Weex we file syntax error&Warning found in transformer
  • 160908(0.5.0) : support ES2015 in script tag!
  • 160901(0.4.10) : add --smallqr argument for render small scale version of QR code ; make devtool support listen IP assigning
  • 160831(0.4.8) : more CLI feedback when compile time error happen
  • 160830(0.4.7) : improve CLI feedback when module not found error happen
  • 160809(0.4.6) : upgrade upstream weex-html5 ,weex-loader ,devtool
  • 160809(0.4.5) : upgrade upstream devtool , improve cli help information.
  • 160719(0.4.4) : improve document ; improve -s implementation ; upgrade upstream devtool
  • 160714(0.4.3) : improve -s implementation, remove dependence of weex transformer ; improve Weex Playground App support ; upgrade upstream devtool
  • 160707(0.4.2) : upgrade upstream devtool
  • 160707(0.4.1) : add weex debugger
  • 160628(0.3.4) : fix hot-reload continuous refresh bug
  • 160624(0.3.2) : supported weex init to generate a weex project
  • 160623(0.2.2) : make "-h" specify host IP work for QR code
  • 160622(0.2.1) : support require other module & cli feedback improve
  • 160609(0.1.1) : upgrade upstream weex-html5.
  • 160608(0.1.0) : HTML5 preview (with hot-reload) come back.
  • 160608(0.0.42) : upgrade upstream lib(http-server , weex-transformer)
  • 160603(0.0.41) : fix occasional terminal QR display bug
  • 160602(0.0.39) : improve weex debugger ui
  • 160525(0.0.38) : add examples , improve create sub command
  • 160525(0.0.37) : add create sub command for create we file using standard weex template
  • 160509(0.0.30) : add --port & --wsport options , show encoding url when QR displayed
  • 160506(0.0.29) : improve --watch & -s feature ; fixing hot-reload with playground App.
  • 160505(0.0.25) : support batch transform & option --watch added
  • 160427(0.0.22) : improve -s feedback information & update upstream transformer lib
  • 160418 : temporary turnoff H5 preview
  • 160401 : format for opensource
  • 160331 : update upstream lib , ready for opensource
  • 160321 : update HTML5 runtime
  • 160301 : add -s option & update upstream lib
  • 160224 : update upstream weex-html5 lib , improve stability
  • 160223 : add -o option for transform weex JS bundle directly
  • 160201 : adopt new weex JS bundle style(define / require) & output transformer Error/Warning logs
  • 160129 : add native runtime support with --qr option
  • 160122 : add -n , -h options & improve CLI feedback output
  • 160119 : update upstream weex-html5 lib
  • 160118 : hot reload function & English document
  • 160114 : first version