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    Official JavaScript API Wrapper for Weeby API.


    ⭐️ Features

    • Super simple and easy to use
    • Built in documentation
    • Includes all methods from Weeby API
    • Object-Oriented
    • Beginner friendly
    • Support for TypeScript

    💾 Installation

    npm install weeby-js --save

    🗝 Authentication

    weeby-js requires an authorization token which can be obtained by doing one of the following methods:

    To learn more in deep about the application process, please visit the Getting Started page.

    Upon being accepted into Weeby API. It is very important to never show this token to anybody.

    🏳 Examples


    const WeebyAPI = require("weeby-js");
    const weeby = new WeebyAPI("YOUR_TOKEN");
    let gif = await weeby.gif.fetch("pat");
    console.log(gif); // -> https://cdn.weebyapi.xyz/img/gif/pat/13.gif


    const WeebyAPI = require("weeby-js");
    const weeby = new WeebyAPI("YOUR_TOKEN");
    let image = await weeby.generators.oneImage({ type: "3000years", image: "https://i.imgur.com/ZgrxPgU.png" });
    message.channel.send({files: [{ attachment: image }]}); // -> Image Buffer


    const WeebyAPI = require("weeby-js");
    const weeby = new WeebyAPI("YOUR_TOKEN");
    let lyrics = await weeby.generators.lyrics("Thriller");
    message.channel.send(lyrics.track.name); // -> Object

    More Examples can be found in /test/bot-v12.js.

    NOTE: Bot Example is outdated and is strongly discouraged from production use.

    ⌨️ Functions

    Note: You must use await on all functions, or else you will get errors.

    Also The functions documented here will be temporary unless I find a developer who is capable of documenting these better. :)

    Generators (View)

    // One Image
    await weeby.generators.oneImage({ type: String, image: String<url> });
    // Two Images
    await weeby.generators.twoImages({ type: String, firstImage: String<url>, secondImage: String<url> });
    // Text
    await weeby.generators.text({ type: String, text: String });
    // Two Text
    await weeby.generators.twoText({ type: String, textOne: String, textTwo: String });
    // Image and Text
    await weeby.generators.textImage({ type: String, image: String<url>, text: String });
    // Eject
    await weeby.generators.eject({ image: String<url>, text: String, outcome: String });
    // Friendship
    await weeby.generators.friendship({ firstImage: String<url>, secondImage: String<url>, firstText: String, secondText: String });
    // Demotivational
    await weeby.generators.demotivational({ image: String<url>, title: String, text: String });
    // RIP
    await weeby.generators.rip({ avatar: String<url>, username: String, message: String });
    // Tweet
    await weeby.generators.tweet({ avatar: String<url>, username: String, tweet: String });
    // Tweet Fetch (using Twitter API)
    await weeby.generators.tweetFetch({ username: String, tweet: String });
    // Spotify Now Playing
    await weeby.generators.spotifyNp({ image: String<url>, songName: String, artist: String, userPicks: String });
    // Triggered
    await weeby.generators.triggered({ image: String<url> });
    // Currency
    await weeby.generators.currency({ type: String, amount: Number });
    // Color
    await weeby.generators.color(String<hex>);

    Custom (View)

    // Greeting
    await weeby.custom.greeting(options: Object);
    // Booster
    await weeby.custom.booster(options: Object);
    // Rank
    await weeby.custom.rank(options: Object);
    // Level Up
    await weeby.custom.levelUp(options: Object);

    GIF (View)

    await weeby.gif.fetch(String<type>);

    JSON (View)

    // Random Word
    await weeby.json.word(String<type>);
    // Formatted Text
    await weeby.json.textFormat({ type: String, text: String });
    // Response
    await weeby.json.response(String<type>);
    // Lyrics
    await weeby.json.lyrics(String<query>);
    // Weeby API Statistics
    await weeby.json.stats();

    Effects (View)

    // General
    await weeby.json.general({ type: String, image: String<url> });
    // Intensity
    await weeby.json.intensity({ type: String, intensity: Number, image: String<url> });
    // Level
    await weeby.json.level({ type: String, level: Number, image: String<url> });
    // Resize Image
    await weeby.json.resize({ width: Number, height: Number, image: String<url> });

    Overlays (View)

    await weeby.overlays.fetch({ type: String, image: String<url> });

    👋🏻 Support

    If you have found an issue while using this wrapper or have any suggestions? Feel free to join the NTM Discord Server, send an issue or pull request. We'll be happy to help and take a look!

    ❤️ Thanks!

    Thanks for checking out weeby-js, a NPM module development and maintained by NTM Development.

    I am currently maintaining this during my spare time, so if you would like to support me, Feel free to do so by donating here on Buy me a coffee.

    Also, don't forget to star the repo! 😋

    ⚖️ License

    The GNU General Public License v3.0 applies to this repository. Please see the LICENSE file to learn more.


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