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WebChucK brings ChucK, a strongly-timed audio programming language, to the web! ChucK's C++ source code has been compiled down to WebAssembly (WASM) and runs via the AudioWorkletNode interface of the Web Audio API. With near-native performance, WebChucK runs on modern desktop browsers as well as tablets and mobile devices! Bring together ChucK's real-time sound synthesis engine and the interconnectivity of the web to create new experiences and develop creative workflows. Use WebChucK to build online audiovisual experiences, immersive multi-channel audio web apps, online musical instruments, simply by embedding WebChucK into any website! To learn more about WebChucK and what it can do, check out https://chuck.stanford.edu/webchuck/

Try out WebChucK in action through WebChucK IDE!


Install WebChucK via npm and use it with TypeScript:

npm install webchuck
import { Chuck } from 'webchuck'

// Create the default ChucK object
const theChuck = await Chuck.init([]);

// Run ChucK code
    SinOsc sin => dac;
    440 => sin.freq;
    1::second => now;

Note that many browsers do not let audio run without a user interaction (e.g. button press). You can check for a suspended audio context and resume like this:

if (theChuck.context.state === "suspended") {

You can also embed WebChucK as a JS module into your index.html. Here's an example below in JavaScript:

<button id="webchuck">Start WebChucK</button>
<button id="start">Play</button>
<script type="text/javascript">
    var theChuck; 
    // Import WebChucK and create a ChucK object 
    document.getElementById('webchuck').addEventListener('click', () => {
        import('https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/webchuck/+esm').then(async (module) => {
            const Chuck = module.Chuck; // Chuck class
            theChuck = await Chuck.init([]); // Create default ChucK object
    // Button to run ChucK code
    document.getElementById('start').addEventListener('click', () => {
        theChuck.runCode(" SinOsc osc => dac; 440 => osc.freq; 1::second => now; ");


Check out WebChucK's full documentation here


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