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This is not even alpha software. It's an exploration of an idea

The aim of this project is answer the question: how to convert the highly imperative web audio api into something more compatible with a functional programming approach? In fact, the first purpose of this project is to access Web Audio API from Elm lang.

The idea it's old and popular: instead of use the API, create an object with the description of what you want and let web-audio-assembler to do the work.


  • The node graph descriptor must be JSON serializable
  • Create Web Audio API modules delcaratively
  • Connect modules to modules or audio params
  • Update and schedule updates of those node graphs
  • Allow other software (for example, audio user interfaces) to discover properties and capabilities of node graph

You can see the Live Examples or read the generated API documentation


Assemble audio nodes

Create simple nodes

Use the assemble function to create a function that returns a node:

var ac = new AudioContext()
var Assembler = require('web-audio-assembler')
var Osc = Assembler.assemble({
  node: 'oscillator',
  type: 'sine',
  frequency: 400,
  connect: '$context'
var osc = Osc(ac)

Create more complex node graphs

You can create a complex node graph by using an object. Also you can use the connect property to connect one node to the other:

var Synth = Assembler.assemble({
  name: 'microsynth',
  amp: {
    node: 'gain',
    connect: '$context'
  filter: {
    node: 'filter',
    type: 'lowpass',
    frequency: '500',
    connect: 'amp'
  osc: {
    node: 'oscillator',
    type: 'sine'
    connect: 'filter'
var synth = Synth(ac)
// or
Assembler.start(synth, ac.currentTime) // start all startable nodes (oscillators, audio sources, envelopes)
Assembler.stop(synth, ac.currentTime)  // stop all stoppable nodes
Assembler.dispoase(synth) // dispose all nodes

Schedule updates

There's a way to schedule updates in the node. You pass an array with update objects with the form { target: <node.path>, time: <relative time in secs>, ...}:

Assembler.schedule(synth, ac.currentTime, [
  { target: 'filter.frequency', value: 400, time: 0 },
  { target: 'osc', trigger: 'start', time: 0 },
  { target: 'filter.frequency', value: 400, time: 1 }

Notice the time value of the update events are relative to the time passed to the schedule function.


  • Currently only Oscillator, Gain, BiquadFilter and Delay nodes are implemented.
  • Use custom nodes generators (envelopes, for example)
  • Combine node graphs
  • Describe node graphs (to generate synth UIs for example)
  • Add yours...

Run tests and examples

Clone this repository and run npm install && npm test. You can open the .html files of the examples directory directly (no server required).

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