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Waterline model loader

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Node module to load Waterline models from a directory and use the file names (without the extension) for the model names. It is an abstraction on the Waterline loading process.


npm install --save waterline-model-loader

Basic usage

Create a directory where your models live. The files are loaded recursively, however the name of the model files must be unique.

Model example:

// ./models/Example.js 
// A regular Waterline model 
module.exports = {
    attributes: {
        name: {
            type: 'string',
            required: true

Usage example:

const path = require('path');
const modelLoader = require('waterline-model-loader').default;
let config = {
    modelsDir: path.join(__dirname, './models'),
    connections: {
        // Waterline connections object 
modelLoader.setup(config).then(models => {
    // do stuff with your Waterline models 
    let ExampleModel = models.Example;
    // do stuff with ExampleModel 
}).catch(err => {
    // deal with any setup errors 
// Alternatively you can access the models from the modelLoader singleton after setup: 
// let models = modelLoader.models; 
// When quiting your app you can teardown the connections. 
// This could be necessary for tests if multiple connections are loaded. 
modelLoader.teardown().then(() => {
}).catch(err => {
    // deal with an error (and report it if you suspect a bug) 

See the Waterline docs for a connections object or check the tests for an example.