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Rebelliously practical docs. For and by the community. Wat.

Finally, community-built cheat sheets for every coder, targeting any framework, in any language.

At the tip of your fingers.

Wat is an interactive app built to drastically reduce time spent searching for syntax and code usage questions. Wat aggregates project APIs, readmes, code snippits, usage samples and practical documentation across any language or libary, and makes this data ridiculously accessible from the one tool every developer uses: the CLI.

Wat was designed for ease. It takes you:


Made by dthree with ❤️ and a little secret sauce.


Wat is scheduled for imminent release!

Want to contribute and make it happen? Email me or join the Gitter channel.

Want to try it right now?

$ npm install -g wat
$ wat tour

Wat covers everything

Wat provides the only community-based, centralized source of syntax cheat sheets for every language and every major framework and library. If it has an API and is used by the community, it's supported here!

It's smart

Wat combines indexes, edit-distance algorithms, auto-completion and common sense to make sure you get what you asked for. It auto-updates when the community adds content, and optimizes its performance based on the content you use most.

It shreds red tape like a frisky cat

Wat's content is not perfect, it isn't formal and it isn't pedantic. Wat doesn't aim to provide letter-perfect, offical documentation for languages. Work like that is in good hands.

If you're building a web browser, refer to W3C for specifications. Wat is targeted for the 99.99% of us who have the basic familiarity with a library and simply need to look up API or usage samples.


npm install -g wat

np-what? Oh, isn't that Node? I don't do Node.


wat tour


Contributing is easy!

Get started here, and help spread the word!

Wat is like a giant, friendly snowball that's somehow caught fire. The bigger the community, the better it gets. ❄️ 🔥


If Wat gets sufficiently adopted by the community, I'll make a web-based version as well.

Same data, new fancy interface.

Projects now documented on Wat

2 Languages 15 Libraries


JS (some of it), Node

Javascript Libraries


Node.js Libraries

Chalk, debug, download, got, MDAST, mkdirp, Node HTTP Proxy, Node Inspector, Pageres, request, RobotJS, Screenful, Vantage, Vorpal


Why Wat?

Because wat is forgetting the syntax to splice an Array for the 10th time.

Because wat is having to search js splice an array, sift through W3Schools and MSDN results, Command + Click three Stack Overflow tabs, close the first one, digest the second and then scroll to the answer to remember... again.

Because I would rather just type:

wat js array splice



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