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    API client to communicate with warehouse.ai.


    npm install warehouse.ai-api-client --save


    const Warehouse = require('warehouse.ai-api-client');
    const wrhs = new Warehouse('https://warehouse-instance');
    // Get build for environment for a given package name
    wrhs.builds.get({ env, pkg }, (err, build) => {});
    // Get release-line information for a package, if version is omitted, uses latest
    wrhs.releaseLine.get({ pkg, version }, (err, build) => {});


    There is ton of configuration you can do with your client. While you can just pass a string like the above snippet to configure where your wrhs instance is hosted, there are a bunch of additional options you can pass as an object:

    const wrhs = new Warehouse({
      uri: 'https://warehouse-instance', // where the wrhs instance is located
      statusUri: 'https://warehouse-status-instance', // where the warehouse.ai-status-api instance is located
      retry: {}, // retry configuration (see below)
      auth: {
        type: 'basic', // 'basic' or bearer supported
        token: 'myuser:mypass', // for bearer option, it would just be the string for the token, ie 123a4567-1a23-12345-a123-a1ab123a1234
        encoded: false // For basic auth and this is default behavior, can be set to true if you want to pass in the base64 string of user:pass
      timeout: 3e4, // how long to wait until a request times out, in milliseconds
      strictSSL: false, // whether or not to use https
      concurrency: 10, // how many builds to verify at once (you can also use conc as shorthand)
      dry: false, // whether or not to skip verification for each build
      builds: {
        cache: {
          enabled: false
          // any other cache options (see below)
      assets: {
        cache: {
          enabled: false
          // any other cache options (see below)
    • The retry options are just parameters passed into retryme.
    • The cache options are just those passed to out-of-band-cache


    npm test


    npm i warehouse.ai-api-client

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