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Vue table component with virtual dom and easy api.

  • Keep smooth when the data reachs thousands of rows or even more.
  • Easy to use with a simple config.

live demo


yarn add vue-virtual-table


npm install --save vue-virtual-table


A simplest example:

  <vue-virtual-table :config="tableConfig" :data="tableData">
  import VueVirtualTable from 'vue-virtual-table'
  export default {
    components: {
    data: () => ({
      tableConfig: [{ prop: 'user' }, { prop: 'age' }],
      tableData: [
        { user: 'a1', age: 20 },
        { user: 'a2', age: 21 },
        { user: 'a3', age: 23 }

Every item of the config refers to a column. When you don't set sepcific 'name' of the table column header, it will uses the 'prop' value as default. Or you can set the tableConfig like:

tableConfig: [{ prop: 'user', name: 'User Name' }, { prop: 'age', name: 'Age' }]

And if you want to search in the 'user' column, set the tableConfig like:

tableConfig: [
  { prop: 'user', name: 'User Name', searchable: true },
  { prop: 'age', name: 'Age' }

For the 'age' column which is a set of number, you'd better use 'numberFilter' to filter numbers with "<", ">", "between" etc.

tableConfig: [
  { prop: 'user', name: 'User Name', searchable: true },
  { prop: 'age', name: 'Age', numberFilter: true }

There are many convenient features hard to explain one by one. Here is a complex example and you can get more info in the tables below the example:

    <template slot-scope="scope" slot="actionCommon">
      <button @click="edit(scope.index, scope.row)">Edit</button>
      <button @click="del(scope.index, scope.row)">Delete</button>
  import VueVirtualTable from 'vue-virtual-table'
  export default {
    components: {
    data: () => ({
      tableConfig: [
        { prop: '_index', name: '#', width: 80 },
          prop: 'user',
          name: 'User',
          searchable: true,
          sortable: true,
          summary: 'COUNT'
        { prop: 'age', name: 'Age', numberFilter: true },
        { prop: 'city', name: 'City', filterable: true },
        { prop: '_action', name: 'Action', actionName: 'actionCommon' }
      tableData: [
        { user: 'a1', age: 20, city: 'aaaa' },
        { user: 'a2', age: 21, city: 'bbbb' },
        { user: 'a3', age: 23, city: 'aaaa' }
    methods: {
      handleSelectionChange(rows) {
      edit(index, row) {
      del(index, row) {

Table Attributes

name type description required default
data Array The array of data. Every item is a row. Yes
config Array The config of table. Yes
minWidth Number Set the minimum width of table. No 1200px
height Number Set the height of table. No 300px
itemHeight Number Set the height of row. No 42px
bordered Boolean Whether table has vertical border. No false
hoverHighlight Boolean Whether to hightlight current row. No true
selectable Boolean Whether row is selectable. No false
enableExport Boolean Whether to show export-to-table button No false
language String Language from ['en', 'cn'] No 'cn'

Table Events

name parameters description
changeSelection rows When the selected rows change

Table Config

param type description required default
prop String Property name Yes
name String Display name No same to the property name
width Number Column width No auto
sortable Boolean Whether this column is sortable No false
searchable Boolean Whether this column is searchable No false
filterable Boolean Whether this column is filterable No false
numberFilter Boolean If it's a column of number. You can use this. No false
summary String summary type from ['COUNT', 'SUM'] or customize. No
prefix String Display before the value No
suffix String Display after the value No
alignItems String Same with flex. Control the content of a cell No center
isHidden Boolean Whether this column is hidden No false

Special Props

name description
_index Show the index of row
_action A slot to customize the content
_expand A slot to customize a popover window


npm i vue-virtual-table

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