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Simple context-menu component built for Vue. Works well with both left and right clicks. Nothing too fancy, just works and is simple to use.

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Vue 3 Support

Vue 3 is supported from v4.0.0 and beyond (current master). To use vue-simple-context-menu with Vue 2, use v3.4.2.


yarn add vue-simple-context-menu


Just a simple little menu to be shown where a click happens - closes after use automatically by clicking an option or outside of the menu. Multiple menus are supported - just make sure to use a unique string as your element-id prop value.

A nice feature that comes baked in is the menu placement after a click - it sits just ever so slightly under your click location - so that any hover style you had on the item that was clicked gets removed nicely. I modeled it after the macOS right click menu.


import { createApp } from 'vue';
import VueSimpleContextMenu from 'vue-simple-context-menu';
import 'vue-simple-context-menu/dist/vue-simple-context-menu.css';

const app = createApp(App);

app.component('vue-simple-context-menu', VueSimpleContextMenu);
<!-- This is a basic use case where you have an array of items that you want
to allow to be clicked. In this case, `items` is an array of objects.
Each item has a click event that ties to a function. See the demo for a full example (with multiple menus as well). -->
<div class="item-wrapper">
    v-for="item in items"
    @click.prevent.stop="handleClick($event, item)"

<!-- Make sure you add the `ref` attribute, as that is what gives you the ability
to open the menu. -->
handleClick (event, item) {
  this.$refs.vueSimpleContextMenu.showMenu(event, item)

optionClicked (event) {

Note - you must pass the click event-info variable to the showMenu() function because that's how we know where to show the menu.

Note - make sure to use @click.prevent.stop (or @contextmenu.prevent.stop for right click) when setting up the click handler.


prop type description required
elementId String Unique String that acts as the id of your menu. Yes
options Array Array of menu options to show. Component will use the name parameter as the label. Yes String Label for the option. Yes
options.class String A custom class that will be applied to the option. No
options.type String Only one possible value at the moment - divider. Pass this to set the object as a divider. No
ref String Unique String that allows you to show the menu on command. Yes


method parameters description
showMenu event (MouseEvent), item (Object) Used to show the menu. Make sure to pass a MouseEvent and an Object.


event value description
option-clicked Object When a menu item is clicked the component will emit an event with a value containing the clicked item and the menu option that was clicked. Register for this event to capture the selection result.
menu-closed Emitted when the menu is closed

SASS Structure

.vue-simple-context-menu {
  &--active {

  &__item {
    &:hover {

  &__divider {


# Install dependencies

# Serve with hot reload
yarn dev

# Run the tests
yarn test

# Build demo page
yarn build:example

# Build library
yarn build:library

# Build everything and run tests
yarn build


Go ahead and fork the project! Submit an issue if needed. Have fun!

Thank You

Influenced by Lucas Calazans's pen. Go ahead and check out his other work.



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