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Vue-ShortKey - plugin for VueJS 2.x accepts shortcuts globaly and in a single listener.


npm install vue-shortkey --save



Add the shortkey directive to the elements that accept the shortcut. The shortkey must have explicitly which keys will be used.

Running functions

The code below ensures that the key combination ctrl + alt + o will perform the 'theAction' method.

<button v-shortkey="['ctrl', 'alt', 'o']" @shortkey="theAction()">Open</button>

The function in the modifier @shortkey will be called repeatedly while the key is pressed. To call the function only once, use the once modifier

<button v-shortkey.once="['ctrl', 'alt', 'o']" @shortkey="theAction()">Open</button>

Multi keys

<button v-shortkey="{up: ['arrowup'], down: ['arrowdown']}" @shortkey="theAction">Joystick</button>

... and your method will be called with the key in the parameter

methods: {
  theAction (event) {
    switch (event.srcKey) {
      case 'up':
      case 'down':

Setting the focus

You can point the focus with the shortcut easily. The code below reserves the ALT + I key to set the focus to the input element.

<input type="text" v-shortkey.focus="['alt', 'i']" v-model="name" />

Push button

Sometimes you may need a shortcut works as a push button. It calls the function one time until you release the shortcut. When you release the shortcut, it call the same function again like a toggle. In these cases, insert the "push" modifier.

The example below shows how to do this

<tooltip v-shortkey.push="['f3']" @shortkey="toggleToolTip"></tooltip>

Using on a component

Use the modifier native to catch the event.

 <my-component v-shortkey="['ctrl', 'alt', 'o']" @shortkey.native="theAction()"></my-component>

Key list

Key Shortkey Name
Delete del
Backspace backspace
Insert insert
NumLock numlock
CapsLock capslock
Pause pause
ContextMenu contextmenu
ScrollLock scrolllock
BrowserHome browserhome
MediaSelect mediaselect
Shift shift
Control ctrl
Alt alt
Alt Graph altgraph
Super (Windows or Mac Cmd) meta
Arrow Up arrowup
Arrow Down arrowdown
Arrow Left arrowleft
Arrow Right arrowright
Enter enter
Escape esc
Tab tab
Space space
Page Up pageup
Page Down pagedown
Home home
End end
A - Z a-z
0-9 0-9
F1-F12 f1-f12

You can make any combination of keys as well as reserve a single key.

<input type="text" v-shortkey="['q']" @shortkey="foo()"/>
<button v-shortkey="['ctrl', 'p']" @shortkey="bar()"></button>
<button v-shortkey="['f1']" @shortkey="help()"></button>
<textarea v-shortkey="['ctrl', 'v']" @shortkey="dontPaste()"></textarea>

Avoided fields

You can avoid shortcuts within fields if you really need it. This can be done in two ways:

  • Preventing a given element from executing the shortcut by adding the v-shortkey.avoid tag in the body of the element
<textarea v-shortkey.avoid></textaea>
  • Generalizing type of element that will not perform shortcut. To do this, insert a list of elements in the global method.
Vue.use('vue-shortkey', { prevent: ['input', 'textarea'] })
  • Or even by class
Vue.use('vue-shortkey', { prevent: ['.my-class-name', 'textarea.class-of-textarea'] })

Other uses

With the dynamism offered by Vue, you can easily create shortcuts dynamically

<li v-for="(ctx, item) in items">
    v-shortkey="['f' + (item + 1)]"
      F {{ item }}

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