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    A beautiful text field to format phone numbers made with VueJS



    The new version of VuePhoneNumberInput is now on my new library Maz-UI

    See doc/demo page of MazPhoneNumberInput

    Some options may change, check the props documentation with the top right button

    In this new library, you can enjoy lot of others components in the same style. You can just install the component you want (and not the whole library), for this Read the Get started page

    If you have any problem or question, do no hesitate to ask me !




    Using yarn

    yarn add vue-phone-number-input

    Using npm

    npm i --save vue-phone-number-input


    ES6 Modules / CommonJS

    import VuePhoneNumberInput from 'vue-phone-number-input';
    import 'vue-phone-number-input/dist/vue-phone-number-input.css';
    Vue.component('vue-phone-number-input', VuePhoneNumberInput);
    <VuePhoneNumberInput v-model="yourValue" />


    <VuePhoneNumberInput v-model="yourValue" />
    <script src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
    <script src="./dist/vue-phone-number-input.umd.min.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./dist/vue-phone-number-input.css">
    <script type="text/javascript">
      Vue.component('vue-phone-number-input', window.VuePhoneNumberInput.default);

    Features List

    • You can set preferred-countries, ignored-countries or have only-countries
    • Validator State: input becomes green (you can modify this color with valid-color option) when the phone number is valid (can be disabled by no-validator-state attr)
    • Multi options to getting country code : By default the component get the country code via the browser (disable it with no-use-browser-locale) or you can use fetch-country to get the country code via (network needed) - you can use default-country-code option instead to set one
    • Phone number formatting while typing
    • You can search your country in list (open countries list & type your country name)
    • Keyboard accessibility (Arrow down, Arrow up: Countries list navigation - Escape: Close countries list)
    • Phone number example for each country in placeholder/label
    • Auto focus phone number input after selecting country
    • You can disable the flags - no-flags props
    • Set your translations

    All options of VueInputUi are available

    • Differents size of input (sm or lg) size="sm|lg"
    • Disabled option (disabled prop)
    • Dark UI option (dark prop)
    • Active a clear button by the prop clearable (cf: VueInputUi options)
    • Active a loader progress bar by the prop loader (cf: VueInputUi options)
    • And others

    Props API

    Props Type Required Default
    v-model String/Int true -
    id String false VuePhoneNumberInput
    color String HEX no dogderblue
    valid-color String HEX no yellowgreen
    error-color String HEX no orangered
    size String `sm lg` no
    default-country-code (1) String no null
    preferred-countries (2) Array<string> no null
    ignored-countries Array<string> no null
    only-countries Array<string> no null
    no-validator-state Boolean no false
    no-flags Boolean no false
    disabled Boolean no false
    dark Boolean no false
    dark-color String (hex) no #424242
    required Boolean no false
    error Boolean no false
    clearable Boolean no false
    loader (3) Boolean no false
    translations (4) Object no null
    countries-height (5) Number no 30
    no-use-browser-locale (6) Boolean no false
    fetch-country (7) Boolean no false
    no-country-selector (8) Boolean no false
    border-radius Number no 4
    show-code-on-list Boolean no false
    no-example Boolean no false

    (1) Ex : default-country-code="FR"

    (2) Ex : preferred-countries="['FR', 'BE', 'DE']" This countries will be at the top of the list

    (3) Loader progress bar has the input color (color props)

    (4) translations comes to replace default texts - Ex :

      countrySelectorLabel: 'Code pays',
      countrySelectorError: 'Choisir un pays',
      phoneNumberLabel: 'Numéro de téléphone',
      example: 'Exemple :'

    (5) height in px of the rows included in the dropdown. Ex: countries-height: 40

    (6) By default the component get country code via browser - No network needed but not work on SSR with NuxtJS (disable it with no-use-browser-locale)

    (7) Fetch country code via - Network needed - (Do not use it with default-country-code options)

    (8) The country selector is not shown, you can validate your phone number with the country code set

    Events API

    Event Return
    phone-number-focused - (emit when phone number input is focused)
    phone-number-blur - (emit when phone number input is blur)
    input AsYouType value (emit when new value is enter on phone number input && when a country is choosed)
    update All values (cf values in table on demo) (emit when new value is enter on phone number input && when a country is choosed)

    Keyboard accessibility

    Props Action
    ArrowDown Navigation down in countries list
    ArrowUp Navigation up in countries list
    Escape Close countries list
    All letters characters Searching country name in countries list (should be open)

    Named slots

    Slot Action
    arrow Override the default arrow character for toggling the list of countries


    Project setup

    npm install

    Compiles and hot-reloads for development

    npm run serve

    Lints and fixes files

    npm run lint


    This project is licensed under MIT License


    npm i vue-phone-number-input

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