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    Vue Gorgias

    npm vue2

    Import & expose functions from Gorgias easily

    Getting started

    To import Gorgias in your VueJS application, you may follow those simple steps:

    Install Vue-Gorgias

    npm install vue-gorgias --save

    Use Vue-Gorgias

    In your main file, import Vue-gorgias:

    import VueGorgias from 'vue-gorgias'
    Vue.use(VueGorgias, {
      apiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
      chatId: 'YOUR_CHAT_ID'

    The API_KEY and the CHAT_ID are provided by Gorgias.


    Parameter Description Required Default
    apiKey A unique API identifier provided by Gorgias. true null
    chatId A unique identifier for the chat to use inside the Gorgias system true null
    injectCSS* A path to the CSS to inject inside the Gorgias iframe. This may be a relative or absolute path. false false
    debug Show the debug logs if needed. false false

    *Currently, we do not have a proper way to customize the chat. Because of that, we must inject our own CSS inside the chat iframe. To do so, you can specify a css href to be injected in your options.


    This plugin exposes some methods to help you interact with the Gorgias API. By default, our methods are exposed through Vue.gorgias.


    Exposes a function that accepts a callback function. The callback function is called only when the plugin is fully loaded. If called after the plugin has been initialized, the callback will be fired imMediately

    Vue.gorgias.ready(() => {
      // Do your action here

    Update user

    Update the current user informations. We recommend you to make sure the plugin is fully loaded before calling this function like this:

    Vue.gorgias.ready(() => {
        email: '',
        givenName: 'some name',
        surname: 'some surname'


    Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

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