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    Vue Carousel

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    This project is a hard fork from the vue-carousel component by SSENSE. We decided to fork it for our own usage since the updates where not made very often.

    Feel free to submit issues and feature requests here.

    Full documentation and examples

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    npm install vue-ctk-carousel

    or if you prefer yarn

    yarn add vue-ctk-carousel



    You may install Vue Carousel globally:

    import Vue from 'vue';
    import VueCarousel from 'vue-ctk-carousel';

    This will make <carousel> and <slide> available to all components within your Vue app.


    Include the carousel directly into your component using import:

    import { Carousel, Slide } from 'vue-ctk-carousel';
    export default {
      components: {


    Property Type Default Description
    easing String ease Slide transition easing. Any valid CSS transition easing accepted.
    minSwipeDistance Number 8 Minimum distance for the swipe to trigger a slide advance.
    navigationClickTargetSize Number 8 Amount of padding to apply around the label in pixels.
    mouseDrag Boolean true Flag to toggle mouse dragging.
    navigationEnabled Boolean false Flag to render the navigation component (next/prev buttons).
    navigationNextLabel String Text content of the navigation next button.
    navigationPrevLabel String Text content of the navigation prev button.
    paginationActiveColor String #000000 The fill color of the active pagination dot. Any valid CSS color is accepted.
    paginationColor String #efefef The fill color of pagination dots. Any valid CSS color is accepted.
    paginationEnabled Boolean true Flag to render pagination component.
    paginationPadding Number 10 The padding inside each pagination dot. Pixel values are accepted.
    paginationSize Number 10 The size of each pagination dot. Pixel values are accepted.
    perPage Number 2 Maximum number of slides displayed on each page.
    perPageFixed Boolean false Specify if the slides should have a fixed width according to the page number.
    perPageCustom Array Configure the number of visible slides with a particular browser width. This will be an array of arrays, ex. [[320, 2], [1199, 4]]. Formatted as [x, y] where x=browser width, and y=number of slides displayed. Ex. [1199, 4] means if (window <= 1199) then show 4 slides per page.
    resistanceCoef Number 20 Resistance coefficient to dragging on the edge of the carousel. This dictates the effect of the pull as you move towards the boundaries.
    scrollPerPage Boolean true Scroll per page, not per item.
    speed Number Slide transition speed. Number of milliseconds accepted.
    loop Boolean false Flag to make the carousel loop around when it reaches the end.
    navigateTo Number 0 Listen for an external navigation request using this prop.
    spacePadding Number 0 Stage padding option adds left and right padding style (in pixels) onto VueCarousel-inner.
    initialSpacePadding Number 0 Initial space padding added to the left side, if the padding factor align the slides to the left. Cannot be bigger than spacePadding.
    spacePaddingFactor Number 0 Add a padding factor to manage how the last item is rendered on the carousel. Common values are: (0: the last item is aligned to the center, like the first item; 1: the last item is aligned to the right of the carousel, 2: the last item is overflowed by it's container (previous behaviour))


    Event Type Emitter Description
    slideClick Object Slide "slideClick" event throws the dataset object of the selected element

    HTML Structure

    Once the Carousel and Slide components are installed globally or imported, they can be used in templates in the following manner:

      <carousel :per-page="1" :navigate-to="someLocalProperty" mouse-drag="false">
          Slide 1 Content
          Slide 2 Content

    To listen for the 'slideClick' event you can do the following:

          Slide 1 Content
      handleSlideClick (dataset) => {


    A sandboxed dev environment is provided by vue-play. Changes made to the component files will appear in real time in the sandbox.

    To begin development, run:

    npm install
    npm run dev

    or, if you prefer yarn

    yarn install
    yarn dev

    then navigate to http://localhost:5000

    To modify and add sandbox scenarios, edit play/index.js


    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.


    npm i vue-ctk-carousel

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