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The build process is one of the most frustrating things about front end development and cluttering up your app with a bunch of config and packages you rarely ever need to think about doesn't help either.

Vue-build takes those frustrations and hopefully eliminates them with a set of popular use cases. Vue 2, Webpack 2, env overriding, Sass, Eslint(Standard), Karma, Mocha, Chai, Nightwatch

See the docs for more details


  • Command Line Scripts
  • Vue 2
  • Webpack 3
    • Babel
    • Hot Reloading
    • Hot Middleware
    • Error Overlay
    • env Processing
    • css extraction
    • static output
  • Sass
  • Eslint - Standard
  • Unit Testing
    • Karma
    • Mocha
    • Chai
    • Code Coverage
  • E2e Testing
    • Nightwatch
    • Selenium
    • Chrome Driver
    • Gecko(firefox) Driver


npm install -g vue-build


// Initiate files/folders
vue-build init
// Run dev server
vue-build dev
// Production build to dist folder
vue-build prod
// Unit testing
vue-build unit
// E2e testing
vue-build e2e
// Linting
vue-build lint
// Help
vue-build help

See the docs for more details