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VueJS wrapper for "browser update" package. Used to expose show, click and close events mainly.

Table of Contents


  • npm
  • VueJS
  • Node


$ npm install --save vue-browserupdate

Getting Started

The Vue plugin must be initialized by your vue App. You should import it in your main .js file

import VueBrowserUpdate from 'vue-browserupdate';

Then you just use the plugin by calling the Vue.use method.



You still can pass options to browserupdate when calling the Vue.use method.

Vue.use(VueBrowserUpdate, {
    options: {
        // Your browser update options
        container: document.body,

You can view the full options here:

Pass a test key to enable the testing mode.

Vue.use(VueBrowserUpdate, {
    options: {
        // Your browser update options
    test: true,

The plugin adds to the Vue object the object 'browserUpdate' that includes 3 functions. The onshow, onclick and onclose requires you to pass a function.

Vue.browserUpdate.onshow(() => {
    // The browser update modal is visible...