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Documentation site for victory. victory-docs is running on react-static.

Getting Started

To install and run the docs site locally:

yarn install
yarn start

Note that paths in local development are based on a root of "/" but be careful when defining relative and absolute paths inline or doing url parsing, as the production output root will be "open-source/victory." Links in markdown files are currently handled with a link helper that prefixes relative paths with "/open-source/victory", so links like "/docs/victory-area" will work as expected in development and production. When adding links elsewhere, use createPath from src/helpers/path-helpers to ensure the path is correctly prefixed.

Want to see if you're ready to :shipit:?

To build the staging build output and serve it with the canonical path it'll have when built as a lander for

#builds and serves staging content at localhost:3000/open-source/victory 
yarn stage-and-serve

This step is important for validating that both the basePath used by the static HTML output and the basename used by the client-side router are working as expected.

Ready to Publish?

Currently this package is consumed as a dependency of, so deploying docs changes required publishing. To publish to NPM run

This package must be published with npm@5.6.0

npm version <newversion | major | minor | patch> (see Versioning notes below)
git push origin master && git push --tags
npm publish

Ready to Deploy?

OSS landers are deployed by the package. To deploy, open a PR on that updates the version of victory-docs to the new version. You will be able to see your changes on staging before merging to deploy.

Versioning Notes

For a reliable systems of releases, victory-docs should aim for versioning along these lines:

  • Patch: Typos, missing assets, broken styles, very minor copyedits.
  • Minor: Add a new page, significantly change styles.
  • Major: Rearchitect how the lander works, remove pages, or something else huge.

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