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A simple form-builder with drag & drop to help you deal your own form. Less code in development and your site will be more generic, configurable.


  • Less code in development
  • Wide range of APIs
  • Easily to maintain, update later
  • Easily to config your form (drag & drop, control settings)
  • ...

Fully documentation in this Repo's Wiki. Check it out!

Give this repo a ⭐ (star) if you actually like this and will use it for your development :D! Thank you!

The library is still in development, so if you meet any bugs or issues, feel free to open!

Technologies/Libraries using

  • Javascript
  • VueJS 2.x
  • Webpack
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap 4
  • ...

Note: From the version 1.2.0 to above, I don't import bootstrap 4 stylesheet into the bundle, you should include your own bootstrap 4 stylesheet in order to get both of GUI & Template working normally.

Form Builder Structure

  • Template: is where you can config/create/edit your own form. template_config

  • GUI: is where the form will be built by your configuration. gui_config

For more information please visit this Repo's wiki, thanks :D!

How to install?

Run this command to install:

npm i v-form-builder --save



  • For the best experience, please install the latest version!
  • Please don't install the old version below v1.1.1. Thank you!

How to implement?

Import into your project

1/ Import as global component

import FormBuilder from 'v-form-builder';
Vue.component('FormBuilder', FormBuilder);

2/ Import as single component

import FormBuilder from 'v-form-builder';
export default {
    components: {FormBuilder}

Note: you should have your own Bootstrap 4 stylesheet imported inside your project in order to use the Form Builder normally.


        // form builder template
        <form-builder type="template"></form-builder>
        // form builder gui
        <form-builder type="gui" :form="yourConfigFormObject"></form-builder>

Binding options:

  • type (String):
    • Form Config (Template): template
    • Form GUI: gui
  • form (Object) - for Form GUI Only, where you passing the configuration data and the Form Builder will build the form by your configuration data.

V-Model for Form Builder Template

You can use v-model in Form Builder Template, it'll return to you the form configuration data that you're configurated (object) and also render the old configuration and let you edit/update that configuration.

        <form-builder type="template" v-model="formData"></form-builder>

The form config data would look like this:

    sections: [...],
    layout: "...",
    _uniqueId: "..."

Ideally, you need to convert that Object to JSON string and then save it in your database :D

V-Model for Form Builder GUI

You can use V-Model to get/set values from your built form.

        <form-builder type="gui" :form="formData" v-model="formValues"></form-builder>

The form values data would look like this:

    section_key: {
        control_name_1: "data",
        control_name_2: 123,


Please visit this Repo's Wiki.

Release notes

  • Version 1.3.0:
    • Milestone 3 released.
    • Able to validate the form.
    • Able to styling the label (bold, italic, underline).
    • Able to set label position for Section (horizontal or vertical)
    • Fix some bugs
    • Constraints for some Hooks
    • APIs for Validate
  • Version 1.2.1:
    • Fix some minor bugs.
  • Version 1.2.0:
    • Hooks are available now for both Template & GUI.
    • More options for controls, like:
      • Select: Ajax data source (URL)
      • Date Picker: date format
      • Time Picker: time format
    • Update control:
      • Number Control to work properly with the decimal places.
      • Time Picker: change to another time picker with a better APIs + options.
    • Fix a problem that make the Date Picker icon didn't show.
    • Stop import Bootstrap 4 CSS into the bundle.
  • Version 1.1.1:
    • First Release of Vue Form Builder
    • Able to config form & render form by config data.
    • Get/set value for both GUI & Template.

Development milestones

  1. First release - Released in 1.1.1
    • Able to config form (Template)
    • Render form by config data (GUI)
    • Get/set value from GUI
  2. Hook will be available for several events. More options for some controls (like select with ajax data source, date format,...) - Released in 1.2.0
  3. Able to validate the form (required mostly), able to style the label (bold, italic, underline and location (top, left)). Released in 1.3.0
  4. Support formula to calculate inside the form.

Copyright © 2018 by Seth Phat aka Phat Tran Minh!


npm i v-form-builder

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