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a tiny TS-compatible React hook which allows you to track visible window viewport size in your components w/ an optional debounce, throttle or custom memo function for updates for optimal rendering.


npm install -D use-viewport-sizes


  • extremely lightweight and zero dependencies -- adds 2kb after gzip.
  • only one window.onresize handler used to subscribe to any changes in an unlimited number of components no matter the use-cases.
  • optional debounce to delay updates until user stops dragging their window for a moment; this can make expensive components with size-dependent calculations run much faster and your app feel smoother.
  • debouncing does not create new handlers or waste re-renders in your component; the results are also pooled from only one resize result.
  • optional hash function to update component subtree only at points you would like to.
  • supports lazy loaded components and SSR out of the box.


See it in Action

CodeSandbox IDE

Basic Use-case

registers dimension changes on every resize event immediately

import useViewportSizes from 'use-viewport-sizes'

function MyComponent(props) {
    const [vpWidth, vpHeight] = useViewportSizes();

    // ...renderLogic

Measure/Update only on one dimension

If passed options.dimension as w or h, only the viewport width or height will be measured and observed for updates. The only dimension returned in the return array value will be the width or height, according to what was passed.

import useViewportSizes from 'use-viewport-sizes';

function MyComponent(props) {
    const [vpHeight] = useViewportSizes({ dimension: 'h' });

    // ...renderLogic

With Throttling

If passed options.throttleTimeout, or options are entered as a Number, dimension changes are registered on a throttled basis e.g. with a maximum frequency.

This is useful for listening to expensive components such as data grids which may be too expensive to re-render during window resize dragging.

import useViewportSizes from 'use-viewport-sizes';

function MyExpensivelyRenderedComponent(props) {
    const [vpWidth, vpHeight] = useViewportSizes({ throttleTimeout: 1000 }); // 1s throttle

    // ...renderLogic

With Debouncing

If passed options.debounceTimeout, dimension changes are registered only when a user stops dragging/resizing the window for a specified number of miliseconds. This is an alternative behavior to throttleTimeout where it may be less important to update viewport the entire way that a user is resizing.

import useViewportSizes from 'use-viewport-sizes';

function MyExpensivelyRenderedComponent(props) {
    const [vpWidth, vpHeight] = useViewportSizes({ debounceTimeout: 1000 }); // 1s debounce

    // ...renderLogic

Only update vpW/vpH passed on specific conditions

If passed an options.hasher function, this will be used to calculate a hash that only updates the viewport when the calculation changes. In the example here, we are using it to detect when we have a breakpoint change which may change how a component is rendered if this is not fully possible or inconvenient via CSS @media queries. The hash will also be available as the 3rd value returned from the hook for convenience.

import useViewportSizes from 'use-viewport-sizes';

function getBreakpointHash({ vpW, vpH }) {
    if(vpW <= 240) { return 'xs' }
    if(vpW <= 320) { return 'sm' }
    else if(vpW <= 640) { return 'md' }
    else return 'lg';

function MyBreakpointBehaviorComponent() {
    const [vpW, vpH] = useViewportSizes({ hasher: getBreakpointHash });

    // do-something in render and add new update for vpW, 
    // vpH in this component's subtree only when a breakpoint
    // hash updates


If you find any issues or would like to request something changed, please feel free to post an issue on Github.

Otherwise, if this was useful and you'd like to show your support, no donations necessary, but please consider checking out the repo and giving it a star (⭐).


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