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    This library allows you to create cached assets, which can be promises, async functions or even dynamic imports. These assets then have the ability to suspend the component in which they are read. This makes it easier to orchestrate async tasks and gives you the ability to set up fallbacks and error-handling declaratively.

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    Dealing with async assets


    Each asset you create comes with its own cache. When you request something from it, the arguments that you pass will act as cache-keys. If you request later on using the same keys, it won't have to re-fetch but serves the result that it already knows.

    import React, { Suspense } from "react"
    import { createAsset } from "use-asset"
    const asset = createAsset(async (id, version) => {
      const res = await fetch(`https://hacker-news.firebaseio.com/${version}/item/${id}.json`)
      return await res.json()
    function Post({ id }) {
      const { by, title } = asset.read(id, "v0")
      return <div>{title} by {by}</div>
    function App() {
      <Suspense fallback={null}>
        <Post id={10000} />

    Preloading assets

    // You can preload assets, these will be executed and cached immediately

    Cache busting strategies

    // This asset will be removed from the cache in 15 seconds
    const asset = createAsset(promiseFn, 15000)
    // Clear all cached entries
    // Clear a specific entry

    Peeking into entries outside of suspense

    // This will either return the value (without suspense!) or undefined

    Hooks and global cache


    You can also use the useAsset hook, which is modelled after react-promise-suspense. This makes it possible to define assets on the spot instead of having to define them externally. They use a global cache, anything you request at any time is written into it.

    import { useAsset } from "use-asset"
    function Post({ id }) {
      const { by, title } = useAsset(fn, id)
      return <div>{title} by {by}</div>
    function App() {
      <Suspense fallback={null}>
        <Post id={1000} />

    Cache busting, preload and peeking

    The hook has the same API as any asset:

    // Bust cache in 15 seconds
    useAsset.lifespan = 15000
    useAsset(promiseFn, "/image.png")
    // Clear all cached entries
    // Clear a specific entry
    // Preload entries
    useAsset.preload(promiseFn, "/image.png")
    // This will either return the value (without suspense!) or undefined


    Simple data fetching

    Fetching posts from hacker-news: codesandbox

    Infinite load on scroll

    Fetching HN posts infinitely: codesandbox

    Async dependencies

    Component A waits for the result of component B: codesandbox


    npm i use-asset

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