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Uppload is a better JavaScript image uploader. It's highly customizable with 30+ plugins, completely free and open-source, and can be used with any file uploading backend.

“This might just be the easiest way to let your users upload content to your site ☁️✨” — Product Hunt

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⭐ Features

Screenshot of Uppload home Screenshot of local service
Screenshot of Unsplash service Screenshot of filter effects
Screenshot of GIPHY service Screenshot of Instagram effects

🛠 Getting started

First, install Uppload using your package manager:

npm install uppload

Then, add styles, import Uppload and an uploader along with your language of choice and initialize the class:

import { Uppload, en, xhrUploader } from "uppload";
import "uppload/dist/uppload.css";
import "uppload/dist/themes/light.css";
const profilePicture = new Uppload({
  value: "https://via.placeholder.com/150",
  bind: ".uppload-image",
  call: ".uppload-button",
  lang: en,
  uploader: xhrUploader({
    endpoint: "https://example.com/upload"

Finally, choose which services (ways to select a file), effects (ways to manipulate a file), and uploaders (ways to send the file to a server) you want. Then, import these classes and use the Uppload.use() function to create your package:

import { Uppload, en, Local, Unsplash, Crop, Brightness } from "uppload";
  new Local(), // Select file from computer
  new Unsplash("your API key"), // Search and import from Unsplash
  new Crop({ aspectRatio: 16 / 9 }), // Let users crop image to 16:9
  new Brightness() // Let users apply image filters

💻 Usage Docs

View Uppload docs →

Uppload 1.x

Uppload v2 is rewritten from the group up in TypeScript. You can view the README of Uppload 1.x, the deprecated version, or the migration guide.

ℹ️ Support

If you need help with using Uppload, check out the Getting started guide and the documentation. If you found a bug or have a feature request, open an issue. If you want to contribute to Uppload, read our Contributing guide.

Your organization can also request a custom build or get professional support. Request a quote for free →

👥 Contributors

Uppload is built by El Niño, a digital development studio in Enschede, the Netherlands, that builds custom web and mobile apps, webstores, and more, backed by 14+ years of experience.

We'd like to thank these wonderful people and teams for contributing (emoji key):

El Niño

💼 💵 🚇 📆

Anand Chowdhary

🐛 💻 📖

Teun Lassche

🐛 💻 🛡️


💻 🌍 📖

Rick van Gemert

🐛 💻




🐛 💻



Mihir Chaturvedi


Kevin Marrec


Jordan Kniest


Bram Borggreve

💻 📦

Alex Imbrea


Achim Krämer


Nikhil Sahukar


Rohit Bhatia


Zeke Nierenberg

🐛 💻

Brian Teeman


Dmitry Ivakhnenko


Orion Lu


Nisar Hassan Naqvi




SIGMA Technology


Claudio Eyzaguirre




Cristiano AP




This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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