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    Unify React Native npm version

    Unify React Native is a global component library developed by Tokopedia's Design System team called UNIFY. This library can be used on any React Native based mobile apps project via NPM.

    Unify Design System

    As Tokopedia continues to grow, both as a product and a company, one challenge we are faced with is learning how to refine the Tokopedia brand identity and apply it cohesively to each of our products.

    We created this styleguide to act as a central location where we house a live inventory of UI components, brand guidelines, brand assets, code snippets, developer guidelines and more. Anyone working on the Tokopedia product is encouraged to stay familiar with this styleguide and help ensure that it is kept up-to-date.


    Consistency is one of the molecules of the Design DNA. It is highly useful and makes the world a better place. Usability and learnability improve when similar elements have consistent look and function in similar way. When consistency is present in your design, people can transfer knowledge to new contexts and learn new things quickly without pain. This way they can focus on executing the task and not learning how the product UI works every time they switch the context.


    Less, but Better. Simple design isn’t just about subtracting things from a design. It has to improve the design’s overall effectiveness. The aim is to strip away the “non-essentials” of a design, to return it to a pure, simple state. Your design needs to communicate the intent of your content clearly. If your viewer has the wrong idea of what your content is trying to tell them, your design isn’t clear enough.


    Design does not become intuitive by magic. When we experience a design as intuitive, it is because we have encountered something like it before. Intuitive is when users understand behaviour and effect without use of reason, experimentation, assistance, or special training. For such intuition to be possible requires prior knowledge, from experience in the real world. So, for example, if something looks like a push button, we know from the real world that we can push it to make something happen.


    If you found any issues when you're implementing the UNIFY Component Library, please open an issue and our team will help to solve your problem.



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