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unifi-access: UniFi Access API

UniFi Access API

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A complete UniFi Access API implementation.

unifi-access is a library that enabled you to connect to and communicate with the Ubiquiti UniFi Access API and ecosystem. UniFi Access is Ubiquiti's enterprise and small business solution for door access with a variety of controller hardware options, locks, and readers for you to choose from, as well as an app which you can use to view, configure and manage your setup.

Why use this library for UniFi Access support?

UniFi has published an API to support UniFi Access. This library's goal is to make the native UniFi Access API available as well as the more limited API that's officially supported by Ubiquiti to provide a robust library.

How you can contribute and make this library even better

This implementation is in its infancy. I welcome inputs and perspective, particularly as I pursue a path to implement both the native Access API and the published one by Ubiquiti.


  • Native UniFi Access support.


  • Changelog: changes and release history of this library.


To use this library in Node, install it from the command line:

npm install unifi-access


Documentation and examples for using this library to access UniFi Access controllers is available here.

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