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    UI5 Test runner

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    A test runner for UI5 applications enabling parallel execution of tests.


    Concept is detailled in the article REserve - Testing UI5

    How to install

    • npm install -g ui5-test-runner

    How to demo

    • Clone the project training-ui5con18-opa and run npm install
    • Inside the project, use npm run karma to test with the karma runner
    • Inside the project, use ui5-test-runner -port:8080 -ui5:https://ui5.sap.com/1.87.0/ -cache:.ui5
    • You may follow the progress of the test executions using http://localhost:8080/_/progress.html


    name default description
    cwd process.cwd() Current working directory
    port 0 port to use (0 to let REserve allocate one)
    ui5 'https://ui5.sap.com/1.87.0'  UI5 url
    libs ''  Folder containing dependent libraries (relative to cwd)
    cache '' Cache UI5 resources locally in the given folder (empty to disable)
    webapp 'webapp' base folder of the web application (relative to cwd)
    pageFilter '' regexp to select which pages to execute
    pageParams '' Parameters added to each page URL.
    For instance : 'sap-ui-theme=sap_belize&sap-ui-debug=true'
    pageTimeout 0 Limit the page execution time, fails the page if it takes longer than the timeout (0 to disable the timeout)
    globalTimeout 0 Limit the pages execution time, fails the execution if it takes longer than the timeout (0 to disable the timeout)
    keepAlive false Keeps the server alive (enables debugging)
    logServer false Logs REserve traces
    browser String, see description Browser instanciation command, it should point to a node.js script (absolute or relative to cwd).
    By default, a script will instantiate chromium through puppetteer
    args '__URL__' Browser instanciation arguments.
    The string '__URL__' is replaced with the URL to open
    parallel 2 Number of parallel tests executions (0 to ignore tests)
    tstReportDir 'report' Directory to output test reports (relative to cwd)
    coverage true Enables code coverage
    covSettings String, see description Path to a custom nyc.json file providing settings for instrumentation (relative to cwd)
    covTempDir '.nyc_output' Directory to output raw coverage information to (relative to cwd)
    covReportDir 'coverage' Where to put the coverage report files (relative to cwd)
    covReporters 'lcov,cobertura' Comma separated list of reporters to use


    npm i ui5-test-runner

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