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User agent based device type sniffer tablet||mobile||desktop||tv. Based almost wholely on the matching code from the npm package express-device by rguerreiro


var deviceType = require('ua-device-type');
deviceType('Mozilla/5.0 "
  +"(Linux; Android 4.1.1; Nexus 7 Build/JRO03S) "
  +"AppleWebKit/535.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) "
  +"Chrome/18.0.1025.166 Safari/535.19') === "tablet"
// true 


deviceType(user agent string, [optional options])

return values


  • "tablet"
  • "phone"
  • "tv"
  • "desktop"

optional options

options is an object

  • emptyUserAgentDeviceType
    • if no user agent is passed or the user agent is empty this option will be returned.
    • defaults to "desktop"
  • unknownUserAgentDeviceType
    • instead of "phone" if unknown the value if this option will be returned
    • defaults to "phone"
  • botUserAgentDeviceType
    • instead of "bot" the value of this option will be returned.


Special thanks to rguerreiro author of who tracked down the device matching code from

I needed to use this without using express. its a small lib so i bundled it up for all to enjoy.