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Provides an NPM module and script which will load a JSON file searching for an Array entry then executes commands by child_process->execSync.

For a comprehensive ES6 build / testing / publishing NPM module please see typhonjs-npm-build-test as it combines this module along with transpiling ES6 sources with Babel, pre-publish script detection, ESDoc dependencies, testing with Mocha / Istanbul and an Istanbul instrumentation hook for JSPM / SystemJS tests. For a full listing of all TyphonJS NPM script modules available please see typhonjs-node-npm-scripts organization on GitHub.

To configure the script runner provide this entry in package.json scripts entry:

  "devDependencies": {
    "typhonjs-npm-scripts-runner": "^0.3.0"
  "scripts": {
    "runme": "node ./node_modules/typhonjs-npm-scripts-runner/scripts/runner.js <file path> <script entry>",

<file path> must be defined relative to the root path and contain a JSON formatted object hash with entries that end with an Array of strings. To invoke the above example execute npm run runme.

For example here is a JSON formatted file .scriptdata located in the root path with muliple entries. The first copy.files.scripts copies files the second run.npm runs three other NPM scripts defined in package.json:

 * You can provide comments in script runner data files.
            "cp ./templates/file2.js ./destination/file2.js",
            "cp ./templates/file2.js ./destination/file3.js"
      "scripts": ["npm run script1", "npm run script2", "npm run script3"]

Given the above data file here are the entries in package.json to run them:

  "scripts": {
    "copy": "node ./node_modules/typhonjs-npm-scripts-runner/scripts/runner.js .scriptdata copy.files.scripts '<optional custom message>'",
    "runmult": "node ./node_modules/typhonjs-npm-scripts-runner/scripts/runner.js .scriptdata run.scripts '<optional custom message>'"

For programmatic usage see the following example; you may include a 3rd string parameter for a custom message:

var runner = require('typhonjs-npm-scripts-runner');

runner.run('.scriptdata', 'copy.files.scripts', '<optional custom message>');

Please note that you can add comments to the script JSON data file.

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