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    Install missing TypeScript typings for dependencies in your package.json.

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    npm install -g typesync

    You can also use it directly with npx which will install it for you:

    npx typesync


    typesync [path/to/package.json] [--dry]

    Path is relative to the current working directory. If omitted, defaults to package.json.

    Note: typesync only modifies your package.json - you still need to run npm install, or — if drinking the k00laid — yarn.


    If --dry is specified, will not actually write to the file, it only prints added/removed typings.

    The same is true for --dry=fail, with the additional effect of failing the command in case there are changes. This is useful for CI scenarios.


    To ignore certain sections, you can use the --ignoredeps= flag. For example, to ignore devDependencies, use --ignoredeps=dev. To ignore multiple, comma-separate them, like this: --ignoredeps=deps,peer (ignores dependencies and peerDependencies).

    • --ignoredeps=deps — ignores dependencies
    • --ignoredeps=dev — ignores devDependencies
    • --ignoredeps=peer — ignores peerDependencies
    • --ignoredeps=optional — ignores optionalDependencies


    To ignore certain packages, you can use the --ignorepackages= flag. For example, to ignore nodemon, use --ignorepackages=nodemon. To ignore multiple, comma-separate them, like this: --ignorepackages=nodemon,whatever (ignores nodemon and whatever).

    Use config file

    Alternatively, you can use a TypeSync config file: .typesyncrc or a "typesync" section in your package.json. TypeSync will automatically search for configuration files. See cosmiconfig for details.

    // .typesyncrc
      "ignoreDeps": ["dev"],
      "ignorePackages": ["nodemon"]

    Run TypeSync Automatically After Every Install

    To run TypeSync and install packages automatically after every package install, create a file called with the following content:

    npm install $1
    npx typesync
    npm install

    If you use yarn, use this instead:

    yarn add $1
    yarn typesync

    Run this command to make the file executable:

    chmod +x

    Add the following to package.json:

      "scripts": {
        "i": "./"

    Then install packages like this:

    npm run i <pkg name>
    # Or, with yarn:
    yarn i <pkg name>

    Typings packages

    TypeSync will add typings for packages that:

    • have a @types/package available
    • don't already provide typings internally (the typings and types field in package.json)

    TypeSync will try to respect semver parity for the code and typings packages, and will fall back to the latest available typings package.

    If you use a Semver ^ or ~ for a package, the same prefix will be used for the typings package. If you pin to an exact version ("some-package": "1.2.3"), no prefix will be written.

    If a typings package in your package.json is not used (has no corresponding code package in your package.json and does not contribute to the global namespace), TypeSync will automatically remove it.


    TypeSync added support for monorepos in v0.4.0. It will look at packages/workspaces globs in package.json and sync every matching file in one fell swoop.


    Installing typings manually sucks. Flow has flow-typed which installs type definitions by looking at a package.json, which would be cool to have for TypeScript. Now we do!




    Jeff Hansen - @Jeffijoe




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