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Resolves third-party classes, interfaces, enums, and other symbols to their respective external documentation, so long as the external documentation was generated with TypeDoc.

This is a rewrite of the canvas-ui-typedoc-resolver plugin to support libraries other than canvas-ui.


npm install --save-dev typedoc-plugin-external-resolver


Add a externalDocumentation option to your typedoc.json. For example:

    "externalDocumentation": {
        "example-package": {
            "dtsPath": "~/dist/index.d.ts",
            "externalBaseURL": "https://www.example.com/api-documentation"

Each key is a package name that will have external symbols resolved. Each package has an associated dtsPath and externalBaseURL option. dtsPath is a path to the type definitions file of the package, which will be used to parse which symbols the package is exporting. If the path starts with a ~, then the path will be relative to its node_modules package folder. externalBaseURL is the URL prefix used for resolving the URLs.

The plugin will then resolve unknown symbols to each of the supplied libraries whenever possible, by using the supplied base URL as a prefix. For example, if the configuration above is used, and a reference was found to a class named ExampleClass and it was detected as part of the example-package library, then the symbol will be resolved to https://www.example.com/api-documentation/classes/ExampleClass.html.

Member references are added as part of the URL anchor, for TypeDoc compatibility. Other symbol types, such as enums, are also supported. For example, an enum named ExampleEnum, with an enum value of EnumValueD would be resolved to https://www.example.com/api-documentation/enums/ExampleEnum.html#EnumValueD when using the configuration above.

Special thanks

Special thanks to Playko (website, github) where this project started and is currently being developed at.


This project is licensed under the MIT license (see the LICENSE file)

This project uses the following open-source projects:


npm i typedoc-plugin-external-resolver

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