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Deprecated in favor of the typedoc-plugin-external-resolver library

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Resolves TypeDoc third-party symbols to canvas-ui classes, interfaces, enums, etc... TypeDoc can't normally resolve these symbols, so this plugin manually resolves them so that there can be a more seamless (albeit imperfect) documentation.

Mostly only used for canvas-ui integration libraries such as:

Known issues

The resolver doesn't work for @link tags (issue). This is also caused by @link tags generated by canvas-ui being reintroduced into the documentation due to extending a canvas-ui class; for example:

  • canvas-ui defines a function myFunction
  • canvas-ui defines a class MyClass with a property myProperty, where the property has a @link tag to myFunction in its docstring
  • canvas-ui-plugin defines a class MyExtendedClass which extends MyClass

Despite myProperty not being defined by the canvas-ui-plugin library, it is still included in the canvas-ui-plugin documentation because it's part of MyExtendedClass, which has a @link tag to canvas-ui's myFunction, which creates a broken link and a warning.

Special thanks

Special thanks to Playko (website, github) where this project started and is currently being developed at.


This project is licensed under the MIT license (see the LICENSE file)

This project uses the following open-source projects:


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