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Twitch Command

Twitch Command is a simple node-irc client. The purpose of this app is to allow users to easily create custom commands for their Twitch channel.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to set your bot as a moderator in your channel




$ npm install --save twitchcmd

NOTE: npm may throw up an error saying fatal error: 'unicode/ucsdet.h' file not found but it is a non-issue for this app


var twitchcmd = require('twitchcmd');
var config = {
    name: 'MuhBot',
    password: 'oauth:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
    channel: '#muhname',
    joinMessage: 'Hello world!',
    partMessage: 'Goodbye world!',
    commands: {
        test: 'It works!'
    timers: [{
        seconds: 300,
        handler: 'Still here!'
    discordChannels: [239437482611690752, 239425674160837378]
process.on('SIGINT', () => {

Config options

  • name {string} [required] - Your Twitch bot username
  • password {string} [required] - Your Twitch bot oauth password (NOT the Twitch password, get your oauth password here)
  • channel {string} [required] - Your Twitch channel name (must include the #)
  • commandPrefix {string} - The character commands start with (default: !)
  • commands {object} - See Command Map
  • timers {object[]} - See Timers
  • joinMessage {string} - The message your bot posts to chat when it joins the channel (default: no message)
  • partMessage {string} - The message your bot posts to chat when it leaves the channel (default: no message)
  • filterSpam {boolean} - Set to true to enable spam filters (default: false) See Spam Filters
  • maxOffenses {number} - Number of offenses before user is banned (default 3) See Spam Filters
  • autoExit {boolean} - Set to false to disable exit after stream is offline for 30 minutes (default: true)
  • debug {boolean} - Set to true to turn on debug logging (default: false)
  • discordToken {string} - The token for your Discord bot (default: null how to get your token from discord)
  • discordChannels {number[]} - Array of channel IDs to announce in when Twitch stream goes live (default: [] how to get channel ids from Discord app)
  • log {string | boolean} - Set to false to disable chat logging, or set to absolute path of logs directory to override default directory (default: ./logs)

Command Map

Map commands to your bot using the commands option in your config. Commands can map to a string, or a function that either returns a string or returns a Promise that resolves a string. If you do not want your bot to respond, don't return anything.

String example

This command map will respond to the command !test with It works!:

commands: {
    test: 'It works!'

Twitch chat:

@MuhName: !test all the things
@MuhBot: It works!

Function example

If mapped to a function, the text you return or resolve will be sent to the Twitch chat. If you return or resolve anything other than a string, your bot will do nothing.


  • args {string[]} - Array of arguments from the chat command
  • mod {boolean} - Whether or not the sender is a moderator

This command map will respond to the command !giphy with an image that matches the input args using request:

commands: {
    giphy: function(args, mod) {
        if (!mod) return; // restrict this command to moderators only
        var opts = {
            json: true,
            qs: {
                q:       args.join(' '),
                api_key: 'dc6zaTOxFJmzC'
        return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
            request.get('', opts, function(err, res) {
                if (err)
                    return reject(err);


Twitch chat:

@MuhName: !giphy funky chicken

Available commands

Every bot supports the !cmd command which lists all of the available commands

@MuhName: !cmd
@MuhBot: Available Commands: !test, !giphy


Create messages that run on intervals using the timers option in your config.

Timer object

  • seconds {number} - Number of seconds between each tick
  • handler {string | function<string | Promise<string>>} - Handler for the timer


timers: [{
    seconds: 300,
    handler: 'Still here!'

Available methods

Timeout a user in chat using

twitchcmd.timeout('username', 30, 'reason for timeout');

Ban a user in chat using

twitchcmd.ban('username', 'reason for ban');

Say something to chat using

twitchcmd.say('message for chat');

Spam Filters

  • Excessive capital letters - triggered when 10 or more capital letters make up a majority of the message

If a user triggers a spam filter, they will be timed out for 10 seconds for the first offense and 60 seconds for each offense after. If a user hits the maxOffense limit, they will be banned from the channel.

NOTE: Moderators can manually unban users from the channel by typing /unban <username> in the twitch chat

More filters to come, suggestions welcome


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