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    The traceview module provides TraceView instrumentation for Node.JS.

    It has the ability to report performance metrics on an array of libraries, databases and frameworks.

    It requires a TraceView account to view metrics. Get yours; it's free.


    • Linux
    • node.js v0.8+
    • liboboe installed at standard lib path
      • (installed as part of TraceView signup; node-traceview is a noop without it)

    Release Notes

    Here you can see the history of what we've released and also the different frameworks and versions that we support.


    The traceview module is available on npm and can be installed by navigating to your app root and running:

    npm install --save traceview

    Then, at the top of your main js file for your app, add this:



    See our documentation on configuring traceview for node.


    To upgrade an existing installation, navigate to your app root and run:

    npm install --save traceview@latest

    Adding Your Own Layers

    In addition to the default layers captured automatically, you can optionally add your own. To learn on how to modify your code to report custom layers, read here.


    Tests are written using mocha, and can be found in the test folder. Run them with:

    npm test

    Coverage reports

    Test coverage reporting is also included. You can get a summary by running:

    npm run coverage:report

    Or, for a more in-depth view that shows reached areas of code, run:

    npm run coverage:html

    Auto Documentation

    Automatatic documentation is included via yuidoc and can be generated and viewed with:

    npm run docs


    If you find a bug or would like to request an enhancement, feel free to file an issue. For all other support requests, see our support portal.


    You are obviously a person of great sense and intelligence. We happily appreciate all contributions to the oboe module whether it is documentation, a bug fix, new instrumentation for a library or framework or anything else we haven't thought of.

    We welcome you to send us PRs. We also humbly request that any new instrumentation submissions have corresponding tests that accompany them. This way we don't break any of your additions when we (and others) make changes after the fact.

    Developer Resources

    We have made a large effort to expose as much technical information as possible to assist developers wishing to contribute to the traceview module. Below is a good source of information and help for developers:

    • The TraceView Knowledge Base has a large collection of technical articles or, if needed, you can submit a support request directly to the team.

    If you have any questions or ideas, don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

    Layout of the module

    The oboe module uses a standard layout. Here are the notable directories.

    lib/probes  # Auto loaded instrumentation
    lib         # Layer and Event constructors
    src         # Bindings to liboboe
    test        # Mocha test suite

    Compiling the C extension

    This module utilizes a C++ extension to interface with the system library. This system library is installed with the TraceView host packages (tracelyzer, liboboe0, liboboe-dev) and is used to report host and performance metrics from multiple sources (nodejs, nginx, python etc.) back to TraceView servers.

    Note: Make sure you have the development package liboboe0-dev installed before attempting to compile the C extension.

    >$ dpkg -l | grep liboboe
    ii  liboboe-dev                              1.2.1-trusty1                       amd64        TraceView common library -- development files
    ii  liboboe0                                 1.2.1-trusty1                       amd64        Traceview common library

    See Installing Base Packages on Debian and Ubuntu in the Knowledge Base for details.

    To see the code related to the C++ extension, take a look in src.


    Copyright (c) 2016 SolarWinds, LLC

    Released under the Librato Open License


    npm i traceview

    Downloadslast 7 days





    Librato Open License, Version 1.0


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