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A promise library compatible with Medium's kew promises library with support added for LightStep OpenTracing instrumentation.

Compatibility-note: the library implementation currently relies on several LightStep-specific methods and is not compatible with all OpenTracing tracer implementations.

Getting started

npm install --save traced-kew

Initialize the OpenTracing global tracer (the library currently uses the OpenTracing global tracer for all operations):

    access_token   : '{your_access_token}',
    component_name : 'kew-example',

Use the library as you would use the kew library:

import Q from 'traced-kew';
]).then(() => {

Use the traced version of the various kew methods to add OpenTracing tracing annotations:

import Q from 'traced-kew';
// Start a span to track the chained promises 
let span = Tracer.startSpan('Q.all');
Q.tracedAll(span, [
  Q.tracedDelay('a delay of 50ms', span, 50),
  Q.tracedDelay('a delay of 20ms', span, 20),
]).tracedThen((span) => {
  span.logEvent('The promises have resolved!');
.finish(); // Let the library know the chaining is done 



The access_token values in the examples need to be updated to your project's access token, then the following can be run:

make demo-ok    # Makes a trace with only successful operations
make demo-fail  # Makes a trace containing spans with errors

Trace for the resolved promises


Trace for the rejected promises



  • Static methods
    • all(promises), tracedAll(span, promises)
    • bindPromise(fn, scope, …boundArgs)
    • defer(), tracedDefer(name, parentSpan)
    • delay(ms), tracedDelay(name, parent, ms)
    • fcall is not yet implemented
    • isPromise is not yet implemented
    • isPromiseLike is not yet implemented
    • ncall is not yet implemented
    • nfcall is not yet implemented
    • reject(reason)
    • resolve(value)
    • spread(promise, fn)
    • stats()
    • allSettled(promises)
    • getNextTickFunction()
    • setNextTickFunction()
  • Instance methods
    • fail(function(reason)), tracedFail(function(span, reason))
    • fin(function), tracedFin(function(span))
    • makeNodeResolver()
    • spread(…args), tracedSpread(span, …args)
    • reject(reason)
    • resolve(value)
    • then(function(result)), tracedThen(function(span, result))
    • finish(function(span))
    • span()


make test