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Toodles is a very minimalist logger for javascript/typescript projects. It is a looks-first uitility and the colors used are based on the Catpuccin Mocha color palette.


⚙️ Installing

# With npm
npm i toodles

# With yarn
yarn add toodles

# With pnpm
pnpm add toodles

📚 Documentation

Toodles is an ESM-only package, meaning you cannot use require() statements for importing it. You will have to stick to the import/export format.

Start by importing the Toodles class.

import Toodles from "toodles";

All the log functions are static class fields of this class.

  • plain(message)

    returns: void

    Print a plain message (same as console.log)

  • error(message)

    returns: void

    Print an error message

  • success(message)

    returns: void

    Print a success message

  • info(message)

    returns: void

    Print an info message

  • warn(message)

    return: void

    Print a progress message

  • progress(message)

    return: void

    Print a progress message


📜 License

Toodles is released under the MIT license, which grants the following permissions:

  • Commercial use
  • Distribution
  • Modification
  • Private use

For more convoluted language, see the LICENSE.

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