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    This is a JavaScript library aimed to provide a program-friendly interface of web Learning of Tsinghua University. Only the newest version (learn2018) is supported.

    This project is licensed under MIT License.


    The library uses cross-fetch and real-isomorphic-fetch, which provides cookie and redirection support in both browsers and JS engines (like Node.js).

    In case of any syntax problems, just upgrade your browser / Node, or use any corresponding polyfills.


    yarn add thu-learn-lib

    Build from source

    Library version (for development or Node)

    yarn && yarn run build

    You can find the library version in lib/. It can be used in web development or imported with NodeJS with ES Module support (with all dependencies installed). It should not be directly used in browsers.

    Bundled version (for browsers)

    yarn && yarn run build-dist

    You can find the bundled version in dist/. You can install it as an unpacked extension in Chrome and click the t icon in extension bar, then execute anything you want in the Console of Chrome Developer Tool. The helper class and utility types is attached as window.LearnHelper in this mode. Or you can just import index.js in NodeJS / browsers.

    Use yarn run watch-dist for watching file changes.


    Authentication related (important changes since v1.2.0)

    import { Learn2018Helper } from 'thu-learn-lib';
    // There are three ways of logging in:
    // 1. provide a cookie jar with existing cookies (see `tough-cookie-no-native`)
    const helper = new Learn2018Helper({cookieJar: jar});
    // 2. provide nothing, but invoking login with username and password
    const helper = new Learn2018Helper();
    // 3. provide a CredentialProvider function, which can be async
    const helper = new Learn2018Helper({provider: () => {return {username: 'xxx', password: 'xxx'};}});
    // Note that by using the following two methods you may encounter problems like login time out.
    // But if you provide a credential provider, the library will retry logging in when failing, automatically resolving the cookie expiry problem.
    // So we strongly recommend using this method.
    // If you do not provide a cookie jar or CredentialProvider, you must log in manually. Otherwise you do not need to call login explicitly.
    try {
        await helper.login('user', 'pass');
    } catch (e) {
        // e is a FailReason
    // You can also take out cookies (e.g. for file download), which will not work in browsers.
    // Logout if you want, but the cookie jar will not be cleared.
    await helper.logout();

    Content related

    We currently support both student and teacher (or TA) version of web learning. To keep backwards compatibility, the default behavior of all APIs is to use the student version. The following APIS needs CourseType.TEACHER as the last (optional) parameter to access the teacher version. You should use them when you are the teacher / TA of one course, for you will get nothing from the student version in that case.

    We do not maintain a global type in Learn2018Helper class, for there can be the situation that one can be a student and teacher of the same course simultaneously, on which by using different CourseType you can get different results.

    • getCourseList
    • getNotificationList/getFileList/getHomeworkList/getDiscussionList/getAnsweredQuestionList
    • getAllContents

    Note that currently fetching homework information from teacher version is not yet implemented.

    import { ContentType, ApiError } from 'thu-learn-lib/lib/types'
    // get ids of all semesters that current account has access to
    const semesters = await helper.getSemesterIdList();
    // get get semester info
    const semester = await helper.getCurrentSemester();
    // get courses of this semester
    const courses = await helper.getCourseList(;
    const course = courses[0];
    // get detail information about the course
    const discussions = await helper.getDiscussionList(;
    const notifications = await helper.getNotificationList(;
    const files = await helper.getFileList(;
    const homework = await helper.getHomeworkList(;
    const questions = await helper.getAnsweredQuestionList(;
    // get content from bunches of courses
    // the return type will be { [id: string]: Content }
    // where Content = Notification | File | Homework | Discussion | Question
    const homeworks = await helper.getAllContents([1, 2, 3], ContentType.HOMEWORK);
    // get course calendar in a period
    try {
        const calendar = await helper.getCalendar('20191001', '20191201');
    } catch (e) {
        const error = e as ApiError;
        // check e.reason and e.extra for information
        // you might want to check your date format or shrink the range (currently we observe a limit of 29 days)

    According to security strategies (CORS, CORB) of browsers, you might need to run the code in the page context of and The simplest way is to run the code as a browser extension (an example is in demo/).


    See lib/types.d.ts for type definitions. Note that ApiError represents the type that will be used in rejected Promises.


    Run yarn test for testing. It requires your personal credential since we don't have mocks for these APIs. To do this, you must touch a .env similar to template.env under /test folder.

    It's ok if you meet Timeout * Async callback was not invoked within the 5000ms timeout... error when running tests, rerun tests may resolve this problem. If you hate this, just add the third argument timeout to every testcase it("should...", async () => void, timeout) and make sure it's greater than 5000.


    • v3.0.3

      • No feature changes, upgrade dependencies
    • v3.0.2

      • No feature changes, upgrade dependencies to mitigate security vulnerabilities
    • v3.0.1

      • Add config generatePreviewUrlForFirstPage to switch preview URL type (default to true)
    • v3.0.0

      • (BREAKING CHANGE) Redesign exported types, use RemoteFile to represent a file on Web Learning
      • Add support for parsing attachment sizes & preview URLs in homework & notifications (Harry-Chen/Learn-Helper#109)
    • v2.5.4

      • Fix (sometimes) incorrect publish time of notifications (#36)
    • v2.5.3

      • Add allowFailure in getAllContents for convenience
    • v2.5.2

      • Allow retrieving CSRF token via getCSRFToken method
      • Export addCSRFTokenToUrl function as API for convenience
    • v2.5.1

      • No feature change, add support for direct import in Node.js
    • v2.5.0

      • Add transparent support for CSRF token (recently deployed) in all Web Learning APIs
    • v2.4.2

      • No functionality change, bump some dependencies to mitigate security concerns
    • v2.4.1

      • Replace parse5 with htmlparser2 in Cheerio and remove it from bundled file (replaced with src/fake-parse5)
      • Replace TSLint with ESLint
    • v2.4.0

      • Upgrade to TypeScript 4.1 & Webpack 5.15
      • Add more null checking for disabled functionalities (see xxr3376/Learn-Project#90)
    • v2.3.2

      • Fix a problem in v2.3.1 (not published) and v2.3.0 that build output fails to be uploaded to npm
    • v2.3.0

      • Refine error detecting & handling by using ApiError in usage of Promise.reject (might be a breaking change)
    • v2.2.3

      • Add workaround for some strange behaviors in teacher mode (thanks to @MashPlant)
    • v2.2.2

      • Return error when API return any non-success result
    • v2.2.1

      • Fix a missing parameter in previewUrl
    • v2.2.0

      • Use ECMAScript private fields in Learn2018Helper class to protect credentials
      • Add previewUrl to File
      • Upgrade to TypeScript 3.8.2
    • v2.1.2

      • Fix problem in invoking JSONP callback (because some engines might do JIT)
    • v2.1.1

      • Remove usage of eval in getCalendar
    • v2.1.0

      • Catch errors returned by calendar API and throw user-defined error
      • Add documentation for all public APIs
    • v2.0.0

      • Use ES2018 in generated library
      • Add FailReason to represent all strings that will be used as the reason of rejected Promises
      • login and logout no longer return Promises
    • v1.2.2

      • Fix a function signature to keep compatibility
    • v1.2.1

      • Support TA version of many APIs (see above for usage)
      • Fix some wrong URLs in fetched data
    • v1.2.0

      • Support getting course calendars from (thanks to robertying)
      • Automatic retry logging in when fetching failed and CredentialProvider is provided (thanks to mayeths)
      • Add unit tests using jest (thanks to mayeths)
      • Filter out null values in getSemesterIdList API
      • Switch to from learn2018 permanently
    • v1.1.4

      • Return empty array if any content module is disabled
      • Add getTACourseList to get TA's course list (temporarily can not be used by other functions)
    • v1.1.3

      • Emergency fix of wrongly decoded base64 string, add js-base64 back
    • v1.1.2

      • Switch to Base64.js instead of js-base64, which uses evil eval
    • v1.1.1

      • Decode HTML entities in the title of disscussions (the last one, I promise!)
    • v1.1.0

      • Fix an typo in grade level mapping
      • Bump to a new minor version
    • v1.0.16 (no v1.0.15 due to some publishing issues)

      • Switch to yarn
      • Add parsing of grade levels of homework (A+/A/.../F)
    • v1.0.14

      • Add prefix for attachmentUrl filed of Notification
      • Deprecate all old versions
    • v1.0.13

      • Decode HTML entities whenever possible
    • v1.0.12

      • Add url for Course
      • Fix url for Question (to display correct section name)
    • v1.0.11

      • Fix url error in Question
    • v1.0.10

      • Decode the HTML entities in the description field of homework
    • v1.0.9

      • Use entities to decode HTML entities
    • v1.0.8

      • Export type CourseContent
    • v1.0.7

      • No change made to code, update README
    • v1.0.6

      • Add API to fetching content for a list of courses
    • v1.0.5

      • Fix HTML entity replacement.
    • v1.0.4

      • No change made to code
      • Remove unused build commands
      • Fix multiple typos in README
    • v1.0.3

      • Add real logout API (thank @zhaofeng-shu33)
    • v1.0.2

      • Add API to get IDs of all semesters (thank @jiegec)
    • v1.0.1

      • Expose CookieJar in helper class
      • Fix some HTML entity decoding problems
      • Rename of some APIs (break compatibility before we have actual users)
    • v1.0.0

      • First release
      • Support parsing of notification, homework, file, discussion and answered questions

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