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telehash implemented in pure javascript

This is now the core module to implement a telehash switch, other modules are required to enable it to support crypto and network interfaces.

If you're looking to use this in node or browserify, check out the npm telehash package (npm install telehash). To see some example usage, try the fieldtest which works in node, browser, and as a chrome app.


The telehash package in npm bundles most of these, but here's a list of all of the modules and where they work (please update when creating any)

## Common API

This module exports one function called switch to create a new blank switch:

var thjs = require("telehash-js");
var self = new thjs.switch();

The telehash provides it's own environment-friendly startup/init wrappers, and once you have a running switch it exposes the following methods:

  • self.listen("type",cbListen) - when a new incoming channel is requested for this type, pass it to cbListen(err,packet,chan)
  • self.start("hashname","type",{args},cbStart) - creates a new outgoing channel of this type, calls cbStart(err,packet,chan), args should include "js":{...} and optional "body":Buffer.

Modules may extend this and provide additional API methods.

Low Level API

A switch exposes the following core methods:

  • self.make(cbDone,cbStep) - creates a new hashname id, calls back cbDone(err, id) when finished, and the optional cbStep() to show progress for slow systems
  • self.load({id}) - loads hashname from id in the format {"parts":{...}, "1a":"public base64", "1a_secret":"secret base64"}
  • self.addSeed({seed}) - adds info for a seed in the json format
  • - turns this switch on, cbOnline(err)
  • self.whois(hashname) - returns a hashname object (mostly for internal use)


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