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A console based application to teach Python for beginners in the end familiarising with command line interfaces.

How to use

The user is provided with 30 tasks guideing them through the basics of python. He/she gets a key to access the next task if the current task meets all the test cases. There is also the provision to revisit previously submitted tasks, but it can't be worked on again.

  • Make sure that you've node-js and npm installed
  • Fire in npm install -g teach-code within your terminal
  • Navigate to a directory of your choice and fire in teach-code init
  • Navigate to the Teach-Code-solutions directory
  • Copy and paste the command as instructed within the initial screen teach-code fetchtask <key>
  • Hurray 👍 you've got your first task
  • Write your solution within a file that is auto-created (task<task_number>.py)
  • teach-code submit submits the current solution and gives you the next key to proceed if your solution meets all the test cases
  • teach-code showkeys shows you all the keys
  • teach-code showcommands shows you all the commands available for reference


npm i teach-code

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