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    Free Tailwind CSS UI Components by TailGrids

    TailGrids is library of high-quality Tailwind CSS UI components and blocks. Crafted for - modern websites, landing pages and web apps. Comes with all essential UI components & elements, consistent design, copy-paste UI building tool and everything you can expect from a top-notch UI library.

    The free core version comes with tons of free UI components along with all core components. Feel free to use it with your personal or commercial projects, and don't forget to support and inspire our team by starring this repo.

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    Installing via NPM

    As a NPM package make sure that you have installed Node.js and Tailwind CSS

    1. Install Tailgrids as a dependency using NPM by running the command below:
    npm i tailgrids
    1. Require Tailgrids as a plugin inside the tailwind.config.js file:
    module.exports = {
      //... other config of your project
      plugins: [

    💙 Support

    You can always support this project and inspire us by Starring🌟 This Repository and sharing with friends. If you like the the library consider purchasing the Pro version

    🎁 License

    TailGrids Core Version is 100% Free! and open-source you can use it with your personal or commercial projects.

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