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This is the Simple project to provide the Tags for the User to use in variouse applications like Website, etc.. Now, we are working to upgrade the features such that it can also accept, you (as User) can also add there tags if needed.

If you want to implement your own logic with the JSON data, you can do by fetching this URL:


And it will load JSON file from this repo.

If you want to use this package, simply install it using npm or by yarn by this cmd:

npm install


yarn add

Then after importing, the Import must be initialized by an Object of Data, as:

import Tags from "";
const tags = new Tags({
    description: true, // default: false
    image: true // default: true

Then to search for any tech:


Note: This Package works with Promises.

The result of the Query will be an Array:

    .then( data => {
        for(let i = 0 ; i <= data.length, i++){
             * {
             *  title: 'Vue.js',
             *  image: 'https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/prashant1k99/tags@images/img/vue.png',
             *  description: 'Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for building interactive web applications.'
             * }
    .catch( err => console.log(err));

Or the data for the above query will be:

        title: "Vue.js",
        image: "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/prashant1k99/tags@images/img/vue.png",
            "Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for building interactive web applications."

Working It will have constructor method which will allow users to choose what data to be recieved. And will also allow user to choose the source of the Image to be chosen.

[X] It will prefetch the Tags.json file.

[X] User will enter the keyword which will be passed to this function.

[X] It will do regex the Json file and map new array with multiple results.

[X] It will return the new map array.

[] To create Vue Application for the Frontend to interact.

[] Add Github Authentication, to allow users to add there Tags.

[] Creating Tags file using Categories. Adding multiple Categories

[] Fetching the Axios file using Web Worker.


  • Scrapper : This branch contains code for scrapping Github Topic's page for creating tags.
  • Images : This branch holds code for downloading those images from Github Page and storing them locally and on this repo.
  • WebUI : This branch consists of code for the UI created for the Web.

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