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Syslog+Console is a monkey patch for the console object in node.js which will output messages to console and local udp:514. Packages are dropped if syslogd is not listening or installed

The sender of the message will be part of the message send to syslog.


To replace standard console:

var console = require('syslog-console')('MY-APP-NAME')

Console Output

Format ([sourcefile]:[line]) [message]

(syslog-demo.js:2) For
(syslog-demo.js:3) Bar

Syslog Output

Format ([Timestamp] [host] [name]"["[processID]"]": [console output])

Jul 10 09:34:40 ubuntu-LTS12-Ruby19 MY-APP-NAME[28116]: (syslog-demo.js:2) Foo
Jul 10 09:34:40 ubuntu-LTS12-Ruby19 MY-APP-NAME[28116]: (syslog-demo.js:3) Bar

The format of the syslog output depends on your local configuration


The implementation is tested on ubuntu 12.04

Syslog implementation handled by ain2: Log facility is "user" by standard Severity order: info, log, warn, error