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    sxapi for simple and extensible api (Application Programming Interface) is an an open-source framework for quickly building simple and small API based on microservice architecture.

    Very light (application less than 100Ko, full container stack for less than 30Mo) and configured with a single json file, you can build instantly small atomic API endpoints as well as fully featured enterprise-sized API.

    This is the main documentation for the sxapi-core project. You can get some sample code and components usage by reading the documentation.

    Getting Started with npm module

    The npm module method using the sxapi-core npm module published in npm public registry is the best solution if you plan to develop your own component or embed you api into another application.

    Want to try

    You can also use the examples templates designed for openshift to deploy instantly a simple app, a bot daemon or a full application

    Creating your own API

    sxapi-core come with many components to help you build your own api. As soon as you have an api instance working, you should focus on making change to your sxapi.yml config file and implement api endpoints you want to create. To help you understand how you can configure your api, you can :

    1. Visit sxapi-core official documentation and read carefully the configure section
    2. Visit sxapi-sample project and explore sample config file to help find sample code or ready-to-use config file


    If you want to have more information on how to install, develop and run this framework and use it in your project, please read the full documentation or our user guides and execute the following steps :

    1. Install sxapi framework
    2. Configure you API
    3. Run you application
    4. Develop sxapi resource
    5. Contribute to sxapi project

    Release notes

    If you want to have more information on a minor release, read released notes

    Release Date Description
    0.3.63 2021-11-22 Upgrade siren2tva to 1.1.5 and all app and dev dependencies. Reduce to 3 moderate vuln
    0.3.61 2021-11-21 Security update of all deps
    0.3.59 2021-06-26 Security update of all deps and add sxapi operator documentation
    0.3.58 2021-05-28 Security update of all deps
    0.3.57 2020-09-01 stabilize aws_s3 resource
    0.3.17 2019-07-27 Adding swagger module and improve couchbase support
    0.3 2019-03-08 Moving config to yaml syntax
    0.2 2018-03-18 Adding bot behavior, event messaging and containerized images
    0.1 2018-01-20 Adding all resources, session and websockets
    beta 2016-10-29 micro api componement with log and lightweight webserver


    If you run into difficulties installing or running sxapi, you can create an issue.

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    Read the contributing guide for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


    This project is mainly developped by the startx dev team. You can see the complete list of contributors who participated in this project by reading


    This project is licensed under the GPL Version 3 - see the file for details


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