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Bricks for swarm adapters and js clients.

Also, SwarmUtils includes core functionality for working with swarms. SwarmUtils include various utility functions for working with sockets in js,logging,etc

$ npm install swarmutil
thisAdapter = require('swarmutil').createAdapter("<<adapterName>>",false,false,true);

The "true" parameter enable verbose output and is usefull for debugging.

var parser = require("swarmutil").createFastParser(callBack);
var util = require("swarmutil"); function callBack(objectFromJson){ ... }

parser.parseNewData(... data from a socket); parser.parseNewData(... data from a socket.. or file);

The callBack function will get called on each JSON object received from the socket

x = util.decimalToHex(10,4); => x == "0x000A"

Example: obj={"id":"1"}; util.writeObject(sock,obj); ==> 0x0000000A\n{"id":"1"}\n

str="abc"; util.writeSizedString(sock,str) ==> 0x00000003\nabc\n